Beyond Loans

Varthana provides secured and unsecured loans to private schools serving the low income population, to enable an improvement in quality and infrastructure.

Beyond Loans

We see the loan as the starting point of a long association and believe in working with those school owners who are committed to quality. In the future, we plan to hold seminars and workshops for the school owners; get people in the field of teacher training to engage with the schools and connect them with vendors and solution providers who have innovative, state of the art solutions for schools. By nurturing a long term relationship with our clients and working with the school entrepreneurs and teachers as a team, Varthana believes we can create value and make a difference.

Examples of a Beyond Loans Solution

Varthana is coordinating a pilot program in India through which we are testing the effectiveness of providing low-cost laptops and training to affordable private schools in Bangalore.

  • Teachers working in APS can benefit immensely by having access to a laptop with an internet connection, as that exposes them to a wide variety of content unavailable in textbooks.
  • It gives teachers access to the best practices in teaching from around the world, and helps in increasing their teaching capacity.
  • Dynamic content such as video, audio and interactive help a variety of students better assimilate new concepts

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