Civic Duty/Compassion

One of our Relationship Managers was on the road the other day on a very busy highway here in Bangalore. At one spot he saw a middle-aged man who had just met with an accident, had been thrown off his bike, was on the ground and bleeding profusely.

Our Varthana RM saw this and unlike the others who were whizzing past, decided to stop and help the injured person. He called up the ambulance from his phone; was asked multiple questions which were completely inappropriate at that time – things like “are the injuries serious”, “is there a police case” etc. Anyway, it took about ten minutes for the ambulance to arrive to pick up the injur

ed person to the nearest hospital.

All this while our hero stayed with the injured person, kept talking to him and tried to offer whatever care and comfort he could offer. The person was badly bruised and had a few broken bones.

This was a great gesture and so, so inspiring. There were so many who drove past without stopping and it takes a sense of civic duty and compassion for a fellow human to stop and help. Sadly, too few of us are doing this. And that is the reason why I felt I should share this story with a larger audience even though this has nothing to do with schools. But then, who said that all our learning happens just in schools?