About Us

Improving access to quality education in low-income communities.

Varthana aims to meet the needs of affordable private school owners by providing loan capital so they can expand their infrastructure, invest in teacher-training, and introduce new learning methods into their classrooms.

Varthana's work aligns with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and agenda.

Varthana partners with owners of affordable private schools to substantially increase access to quality education in low income communities. The relationship quite often begins with financial assistance based on a customized cash-flow underwriting model. Access to loan capital remains a central need for the sector. The loans are used for infrastructure, training, new materials and so on.

Beyond loans, Varthana empower schools to strategize offerings around the welfare of the child, especially with increasing parent expectations and many more schools to choose from.

Varthana understands the daily challenges and the busy schedule of a school owner. And so customizing and delivering these products and services are a band of relationship managers who visit the school, spend time with the leadership to ensure a smooth and convenient process.

Our endeavor is to be a school’s most valuable and long-term partner as it grows and improves to reach its full potential. We accomplish this by being agile, responsive and supportive while ensuring minimal disruption in the school’s daily routine.

Varthana is ambitious and agile with an unwavering commitment to transform affordable education by partnering with those who share the same sense of urgency and hope.