Advisory Services

Unique services to help improve student and teacher performance and enhance school ratings.

The Integrated School Accelerator Program (ISAP) offers cutting edge financial and management consultancy to school owners, using data and insights drawn from the extensive network of Varthana schools across many districts and states.

ISAP is designed to enable school owners to make better financial and leadership decisions, to accelerate school growth and performance at speed and scale. The customized program includes:

  • Deep analysis of school performance from a leadership and management perspective
  • Insights into improving the profile of the school in the community
  • Identifying opportunities for sustainable growth and impact
  • Detailed financial modelling to assess specific projects and ROI
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The School Transformation Program (STP) is built on an assessment framework, beginning with students. Based on the assessment, STP assists teachers and staff to design and execute customized lesson plans, conduct personalized observations and training, aimed to improve student outcomes.

STP is a framework that is designed around an assess-design-measure model. Impact is tangible and measurable with a built in system of rewards and motivations to ensure genuine transformation starting with students.

  • Identify specific opportunities to improve school / student performance
  • Rapidly prototype and assess effectiveness of initiatives
  • Enlarge school portfolio by partnering with Varthana recommended¬†education solution providers
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Our Advisory Services

The School Transformation Program is a two-year engagement designed to improve student learning levels. Our dedicated team of education specialists work with school leaders, teachers and students through sessions, workshops, observations and assessments.

Flip the pages of our STP booklet (in full screen) for more information on the School Transformation Program!

schools are presently a part of the STP
program to improve academic

Financial planning and school management assistance is
the core focus of ISAP

We connect our school partners
with education partners who specialize
in non-loan education services