My Internship With Varthana

Aditya Pantham

"I’m excited to see how these kids make their entrance into society."

Entering the school

When you enter this affordable private school in rural Karnataka, is easy to get swept away by the raw energy and passion this school radiates. Students are dedicated to learning and teachers are eager to provide them with knowledge. In other words, this school is a step above the rest due to the zeal with which its founder is achieving his dream.

In his 30s, the young founder of this school used to be a cab driver. His desire to help his community pushed him to sell everything he had to set up a school that focused on quality education at affordable costs.

Starting with 6 classrooms and around 300 students, the school now has 48 classrooms with an impressive 1,200+ student population. The founder assures us that he has no intention of stopping there and aims to ensure that his students – who are already academically performing at national levels – can compete on an international level.

Who are the students?

It is not hard to believe him as his students already appear well on that path. Focused and intelligent, these students stand out within the crowd and seem intent on using the resources provided to the best of their ability. The energy they exhibit in the classroom does not diminish when they pack their bags and head to their extracurricular activities.

I witnessed this when we arrived at the school only to see the entire student population return from an International Yoga Day session.

The founder has equipped the school with cricket equipment, volleyball equipment and a nearly-completed swimming pool, and he intends to add a skating rink, basketball courts as well as prayer areas. With the financial help from Varthana, the founder is making steady progress in ensuring his students graduate from his school with an all-round experience.

The future of education

What stood out the most about this school is its connection to its surrounding community. The founder described community engagement as the way to break the norm that only the wealthy can receive the best education. For me, this is a large step forward.

I truly enjoyed my time at this school, mostly because I got to see how fantastic the kids are. Engaging with them reminded me of the best parts about school, specifically the community and opportunities that were made available to us. I’m excited to see how these kids make their entrance into society.


Aditya Pantham spent his summer holidays at Varthana on a one-month internship during which he had the opportunity to visit an affordable private school that Varthana works with.

Aditya is a third year BSc Economics and Finance student at Ashoka University, India and author of Musings of a Tenth Grader: Poems by Aditya Pantham – available on Amazon. He may be contacted at 

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