Parenting tips during pandemic

Spoorthi G K

Create a schedule for your child

Many parents are struggling to manage work while supporting home learning for children. Creating daily schedules can help children and all the family members feel some security and predictability in their day. Routines or schedules are important as they provide structure and also opportunities for children to practice self-regulation.

Create a schedule by making a list of the things your child does throughout the day.

This may include:

  1. Morning routines:  Wake up time, making bed, breakfast time, getting dressed etc.
  2. Study time:  Online classes, assignments, discussion with parents/siblings, activities time etc.
  3. Household chores: Cleaning the house, helping in the kitchen, folding clothes etc.
  4. Games/Other activities: Indoor and outdoor games, drawing etc. 
Kid routine
Daily routine of a kid

Example Schedule

Time Activity
8 am Wake up time
8:30 to 9 am Breakfast time
9 to 10 am Reading time
10 to 12 am Online class
12 to 1 pm Lunch time
1 to 3 pm Maths
3 to 4 pm Assignments
4 to 5 pm Household chores
5 to 6 pm Games and other activities
6 to 7 pm Discussion with family
7 to 8 pm Dinner time
8 to 9 pm TV time
9 pm Bed time

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