Creative ways to up your teaching game post covid

5 creative ways to up your teaching game post covid

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The pandemic years have changed education and its ways. It has pushed schools and teachers to find different ways to interact and engage with students. This also allowed them to explore other aspects of teaching techniques.

The definite positives are inclusion of technology and data in education and teaching strategies. Now it’s time to use these techniques in more creative ways to improve the teaching game and make education more fun. 

There are many platforms open for teachers or educators around the world to enhance their teaching skills:

1. Use of technology 

As the world has entered a new era and everyone has witnessed how important technology has been, it’s important now to embed this in the education system. The use of smart boards, AI, and the internet can help develop curiosity among children and make them understand the concepts more easily.

The use of technology will also help teachers go through the needs of students or children and this will help develop a great bond between educators and children. 

2. Switch to engaging pedagogy

The best way to get the attention of students is to have an engaged classroom. To build the active engagement of learners and up your teaching game, the interaction gap between student and teacher should be reduced. While delivering lectures in class, it should not be unidirectional or one-sided.

Teachers should promote cooperative learning, connect concepts with real-world problems, create opportunities to engage the student together, develop engaging activities and treat their students equally without any biases.

3. Use effective TLM (Teaching Learning Material)

For better interpretation and appreciation of concepts, contents as well as subject matter and enable concrete learning for students, TLM should be used. There are lots of TLM available and the key is in using it wisely according to lesson plans that can help students to achieve their learning outcomes.

These can be a mixture of audio and visual. Such as printed classroom and audio of the same chapter. It will be helpful to cater to the needs of students with different learning requirements at the same time.

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4. Building Teachers learning labs in schools (TLL)

Teacher learning labs is a small room which is full of various online and offline learning resources and at the same time acts as a sharing platform for each other’s knowledge, experiences, and daily classroom challenges.

Learning from each other’s wisdom helps teachers reduce their academic-related hurdles and misconceptions, and makes their teaching effective. These types of learning centers are helpful to build a good relationship between teachers while engaging them and helping them upgrade their skills.


5. Be skills oriented not syllabus oriented

When teaching different grades, most of the time, the main focus is on completion of the syllabus which sometimes leads to many misconceptions among students. Teachers can adopt various activity-based learning through mobiles and the web.

Many activities are available in books, portals, and free mobile apps that provide skill wise content to a particular chapter. A few examples of such platforms are DIKSHA, Gooru app, Bolo app, etc.

These can help teachers navigate their learner’s growth and bring impact in their delivery. 

Teaching is to transfer knowledge to the learner. This induction process needs to be done, prudently and effectively. Post covid it has become more crucial to adopt new methodologies to evolve with the world. The above mentioned points can be helpful for teachers in acing their teaching game.


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