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5 easy to use Gadgets that are making your classroom smarter

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Smart Boards

The world has become an intelligent place to live in with the 21st century advances. With the growing technology, classrooms are also becoming a smart place for education. The use of gadgets in classrooms has reached a much higher level, especially post the pandemic. Devices serve the purpose of creating an interactive learning environment. The visual effects have a positive impact on children, making learning more interesting and understanding concepts easier.

Here are some easy-to-use devices that are making classrooms smarter:

1. The Smart Board 

Unlike traditional blackboards, smartboards can be used in various ways, such as writing, highlighting, and going back to previous text while teaching. Smartboards are projectors with interactive screens. Teachers can project any topic using a computer and projector, and interact with the board using their fingers, a pen, or a stylus. The visual aid helps students have a clear understanding of a topic. With children being exposed to mobile phones and TV, smartboards create classrooms with a sense of excitement.

2. Visualizer

A document camera or visualizer is a simple technology that can project documents onto a large screen. These cameras are used to teach a wide variety of information, such as objects, images, diagrams, or science experiments, so that students do not miss the process when they gather around the teacher. A document camera is a gadget that helps students understand complex topics.

3. Desktop or Laptop

Using familiar technology, such as a desk or laptop, can make students feel more comfortable and confident. In a digital classroom, a desktop or laptop becomes the central system for storing information and organizing lessons. With the help of a projector, pre-loaded lessons can be displayed on a large screen and taught easily. This not only assists teachers in teaching each lesson, but also expands students’ knowledge and prepares them for their future. It provides additional information, online exams, and resources for preparing assignments, journals, and research, and ultimately improves students’ computer skills.

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4. Interactive LED/ LCD Panels

Children love interactive screens as they are touch-screen and pen-enabled. They can be used with built-in computing power, connected to a computer, or connected to mobile devices wirelessly. Multiple users can use them at once. LED/LCD panels can project graphics better on 2D and 3D animations, audio or video representations and graphics. These panels enable teachers to teach concepts accurately and effectively, making learning more fun for students.


5. Interactive Projector for Smarter Classroom

An interactive projector enables interaction by tracking movements, using infrared or digital light processing technology to process images with better quality. Teachers can use various videos, infographics, tools, and information to clarify students’ doubts. The interactive projector is a portable solution that converts any surface (existing projector screens, whiteboards, or wall surface) into an interactive surface. An interactive pen is also useful for drawing, pointing, or clicking by directly touching the screen.

Though it may be difficult for every school to install various technologies in the classroom, re-thinking the available technology within budget constraints is possible. Students need to prepare themselves for the future, and it’s important to ensure that they have access to technology in various forms.