5 School Leaders Teaching Us The Way To Quality Education

5 School Leaders Teaching Us The Way To Quality Education

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Education has been the driving force behind society’s advancements over the years. As a fundamental pillar of society, it propels change, facilitates development, and sparks innovation.

Quality education emphasizes each student’s social, emotional, mental, physical, and cognitive development, transcending boundaries of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, or geographical area. It equips students not only for tests but also for life. Moreover, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has significantly influenced modern education, creating opportunities for students to pursue school or higher education. The curriculum also embeds moral and ethical values to nurture well-rounded individuals.

The journey to quality education begins with schools. School Leaders serve as the linchpins in this process, exemplifying dedication, passion, and innovative strategies that can transform education and society within their communities. They strive to deliver quality education to their students, irrespective of their economic backgrounds.

To glean insights into how school leaders navigate challenging circumstances to provide quality education, Varthana conducted a series of interviews with several remarkable leaders. Here are five inspiring narratives that showcase the route to quality education and potential for transforming the educational landscape.

Nishad’s commitment to empowering Charama community through quality education

Nishad A.R., a dedicated school leader, set out on a mission to empower the Charama community. He turned Disney Public School into a symbol of hope through his commitment to quality education, overcoming the economic challenges and obstacles such as a low fee structure and limited space. His steadfast aim was to ensure quality education remained accessible to all.

Working tirelessly in partnership with the Udaan Society, Nishad won the trust of parents. They deployed strategies such as word-of-mouth marketing, door-to-door meetings, and provision of exclusive low-fee structures and facilities to spread awareness about the school. Moreover, they invested in a new school building with timely financial support from Varthana.

The school saw a remarkable rise in student enrollment, leading to a 15% to 20% increase in student strength in 2022. Nishad’s dedicated team of teachers and staff played a pivotal role in this growth. Disney Public School, now the second CBSE-affiliated school in Charama, continues to promise further development and growth.

Nishad’s inspiring journey demonstrates how education can serve as a potent force for positive community change. His resolve to offer quality education in the face of numerous challenges highlights the transformative power of effective leadership. Read the full story here.

Poonam’s ideologies for quality education: Focusing on ‘moral values’


Poonam Chand, who began as a dedicated teacher and later ascended to the role of school leader, was driven by a commitment to improve the lives of village children without access to education. His dedication to his students never wavered, even while pursuing his own education. With relentless determination, he started a school on rented premises, persistently encouraging parents to enroll their children. Today, the school stands as a beacon of hope for the entire community.

His primary goal was to provide quality education to underprivileged children, raise the educational standards within the community, and instill a yearning for education among parents.

Poonam placed a strong emphasis on imparting moral values such as ethics, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and respect. Through lessons, discussions, role-playing, and community service activities, he sought to shape students’ core values and foster a positive socio-ethical model within the society. His efforts dramatically improved the community’s educational scenario, with more parents willing to send their children to school, contributing to an overall increase in Haryana’s literacy rate.

In addition, equipping the school with modern amenities significantly aided in delivering quality education. The spacious campus boasts nine well-equipped classrooms, two non-teaching rooms, a separate room for the headmaster/teacher, and a secure boundary wall. Furthermore, the school provides a playground, a library housing 1005 books, and six functional computers for teaching and learning.

Despite challenges stemming from low-income families and uneducated parents, the school achieved notable success and ranked among the top ten schools in Haryana.

Poonam’s inspiring leadership and invaluable lessons on prioritizing moral values and quality education have significantly contributed to developing well-rounded students who are equipped to make positive contributions to society. Read his inspiring story here.

Santosh believes a better world is created only through holistic education

Santosh Tambe, a fervent school leader, envisions offering holistic development to students. He firmly believes in the transformative power of education and the opportunities it can unlock for his students. This conviction led him to establish the Icon Paradise English Medium School in Paithan, Aurangabad, aiming to foster an environment conducive to students’ academic, social, and emotional growth.

While understanding the crucial role of quality education, Santosh sought to go a step further, focusing on his students’ all-round growth. His goal was to instill moral values, social responsibility, and cultural awareness in his students. To address students’ emotional and social needs, he incorporated activities such as yoga, dramatic performances, and social exposure visits into the curriculum. Despite space constraints, he ensured the school could accommodate every student by operating in shifts. During the pandemic, he embraced online learning, providing teacher training sessions and developing a specialized app for assessing students’ progress. Additionally, the school offered customized bridge courses to address any learning gaps.

The school has made notable strides in raising the community’s educational standards, inspiring students to achieve their full potential while maintaining high moral standards. All stakeholders in the school contribute significantly to the students’ upbringing and the creation of a better world.

Santosh’s determination and passion have inspired his students to persist in their educational journey. His leadership has become a source of pride for the entire community, as well as for the teachers who have invested their time and effort into nurturing the school. Read more of his journey here.

Atul Ruikar advocates for collaboration between staff and school to improve education

Born into a middle-class family, Atul Ruikar aspired to create meaningful change within his family and community. He started his career as a lecturer and subsequently established a coaching center, which eventually multiplied. Gaining a reputation for delivering quality education through his coaching centers, he was inspired to start his own school, Yashodeep Convent School, in Maharashtra.

His primary aim was to offer quality education to his community’s students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. He sought to build a safe and technologically advanced learning environment, bridging the gap between affordable education and outstanding facilities.

Recognizing the crucial roles of school facilities and staff in students’ lives, he prioritized investments in these areas and ensured his staff received their salaries on time. In a bid to promote technology-based learning, he set up top-notch computer labs equipped with ample monitors, portable projectors, and LED projectors. The use of educational software revolutionized teaching and learning processes for both students and teachers. This application facilitated easy communication, assignment submission, testing, and much more. For enhanced student safety, live tracking and cameras were installed in each school vehicle. Despite pandemic-induced challenges, Atul and his team displayed resilience by effectively implementing online learning and offering personalized bridge courses to address learning gaps once students returned to school.

Atul’s journey exemplifies how determination and innovation can transform education. His emphasis on quality education, safety, and technological integration highlights the importance of a student-centric approach. Read his full story here.


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