5 teacher retention strategies your school could use

5 teacher retention strategies your school could use

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As teacher turnover remains one of the biggest problems facing schools, school administrators are keen to find practical solutions that will enable them to enhance teacher retention and happiness in the classroom. Getting to know the reasons why teachers leave will definitely help in implementing strategies that will allow school owners to retain teachers.

Why do teachers leave schools?

  • Inadequate planning: Beginning teachers with little or no preparation are two and a half times more likely to leave the classroom after one year compared to their well-prepared peers.
  • Absence of assistance for new teachers: Without mentoring and other assistance, new teachers resign at a rate that is more than twice as high as those who receive support.
  • Difficult working circumstances: Teachers frequently cite poor working conditions as the main cause of their leaving, specifically the lack of support from principals and the absence of opportunities for teamwork.
  • Better career prospects: More than one-fourth of departing teachers claim to be leaving to pursue other job options.
  • Personal factors: More than one-third of teachers quit their jobs for personal reasons, with pregnancy and child care being significant factors for female teachers in particular.

Importance of teacher retention:

Enhancing teacher retention benefits the entire educational system. Since new educators must be found and educated, teacher turnover is expensive. Lower teacher turnover would free up funds for school owners to invest in innovative initiatives or cutting-edge equipment for children rather than paying for recruitment and training. Less financial stress and more investment in the resources children need to learn will lead to higher teacher retention.

It is substantially more challenging to implement changes in the education sector when there is constant flux caused by high turnover rates. The most significant people to offer guidance on addressing such demands are experienced teachers who are familiar with the needs of a school and its students. When they depart, these voices are silenced, which negatively affects the education sector. Reducing turnover and the use of temporary replacements is a crucial step in developing educational strategies that are based on first-hand knowledge of local communities.

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Best strategies that can be helpful in retaining teachers:

1. Enhancing teaching autonomy:

Giving teachers the autonomy to experiment with their teaching approaches and instilling in them a sense of value for their work is important. Hovering over their lesson planning and teaching methods, as well as conducting classroom observations and providing unhelpful feedback, can demotivate teachers and cause them to leave their jobs.

2. Opportunities for professional growth:

Frequent professional development training allows teachers to flourish professionally and gain knowledge of new cutting-edge advancements and keep up with the latest trends. The best teachers will be glad to continue serving in the current institution since they see this chance as a boost to their professional development.

3. Balanced workload

The Department for Education lists a heavy workload as one of the main reasons for teachers leaving school. For the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of teachers, it is crucial that additional educators be hired so that the burden is distributed, and the number of teaching sessions per teacher is balanced. Teachers should also be provided with small intervals to relax and prepare for the next classes.

4. Timely teacher surveys:

A successful school must periodically survey teachers about their well-being, needs, demands, improvement methods, etc. Several resources, including one-on-one meetings or feedback survey forms, can be used for this purpose. This approach will help keep the best teachers as they will feel heard and secure as their needs are met.

5. Rewarding and Celebration:

Celebrate the dedication, sacrifice, success, and accomplishments of the teachers. Celebrate their contributions and express gratitude by giving them recognition, incentives, and promotions. This modest act will have a big impact on teachers’ retention.

If schools don’t take steps to reduce teacher turnover, the issues caused by high teacher dropout will only get worse over time. Thankfully, current research and teacher feedback have identified tried-and-trusted strategies that will increase the likelihood of teacher retention. 

By encouraging productive cooperation and enhancing teacher achievement and school culture, these initiatives will strengthen the overall fabric of schools while also reducing the considerable costs related to turnover. School leaders can then develop a learning environment where both kids and educators will succeed.


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