5 ways students can utilize resources like Class 10 previous year question papers

5 ways students can utilize resources like Class 10 previous year question papers

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Exams are essential for every student’s life in today’s competitive world. They are widely acknowledged as a way to assess students’ competence and knowledge, in addition to testing what they have learned throughout the school year.

A fantastic strategy for preparing for exams is to use solved question papers from prior years. By doing this, students gain insight into the format, style, and types of questions that they will encounter. Moreover, practicing previous year papers allows students to better manage their time during exams.

1. Track the overall preparation

Using the question papers from the previous year can aid students in preparing for their exams. It’s a great way for students to evaluate their academic progress and gain a thorough understanding of subjects when they solve practice problems. The more questions they solve correctly, the better their exam preparation will be. In this way, students can identify their weaknesses and areas that require improvement.

Before exams, students can feel more confident by solving previous papers and taking practice exams. They become aware that they can effectively use concepts in a limited time frame during exams, which helps them achieve a steady mental state that is clear for exams.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Speak to peers about critical topics
  • Collect and solve previous question papers
  • Check books that include past questions and answers
  • Use applications to practice and resolve doubts

By following these strategies, students can effectively prepare for exams and achieve success in their academic endeavors.

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2. Decode the question paper pattern

The board exam syllabus is divided into several chapters, each with multiple sections. This suggests that there is a vast amount of information in each section. All significant sections of the chapters are included in the previous year’s question papers. This can help students become comfortable with the exam format, mark allocation, and other aspects.

With this assistance, students can comprehend some of the curriculum components and focus on important parts. Consequently, it helps them understand the essential concepts covered in the course and perform well in the exam. Examining past years’ question papers will enable students to understand:

  • The types of questions asked
  • The topics that regularly appear on tests
  • The required format for answers
  • Time management for students

3. Time management for students


Effective time management is significant when it comes to board exams. Speed and accuracy are crucial. To improve time management, students can practice with previous year’s exam papers. While answering these question papers on time, students can enhance their performance, especially in subjects like math and physics, particularly numerical questions.

Students can enhance their performance the most while taking the previous year’s question paper, but they must take the exam in 3 hours and then check the answers for the questions they have already attempted.

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4. Learn about the Weaknesses

By reviewing the previous year’s question papers, students can learn from their mistakes and weaknesses. The marking scheme can evaluate their performance once they finish answering the questions. They can then decide which parts of the subject need to be revised. 

By using previous year’s solved papers, students can enhance their ability to solve problems and get accustomed to the structure of the exam. 

They can also identify gaps in their knowledge and get an understanding of the questions that will be asked. By using appropriate study materials and previous year’s solved papers, students can track their progress and revise effectively.

5. Reviewing and Revising

Previous year’s question papers are a reliable way to review the content of every textbook. Students can obtain effective review questions and develop thinking skills similar to those used when preparing for exams. 

Answering questions from previous year’s papers can provide students with valuable insights, help them with their study plans, and give them the highest confidence while taking the actual exam. Students should always attempt prior question papers to get a sense of the difficulties, regardless of the exam style. This can improve their overall performance and make it simple to identify their strengths and limitations.


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