Enhancing Education: The Eight Practical Life Skills Every Student Should Learn

Enhancing Education: The Eight Practical Life Skills Every Student Should Learn

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The world is changing rapidly, and we can all agree that if we want to survive in this ever-changing world, we need to keep pushing boundaries of excellence and thrive rather than just cope. And for this particular reason, our education system needs to nurture students and armour them beyond classrooms with necessary life skills to prepare them for success in the long run.

Before we go ahead, let’s discuss what the term “life skills” actually means. Well, to put it simply, life skills describe all those skill sets which let people make informed and rational decisions, think critically and creatively, build healthy relationships, show empathy and solve critical problems. And for your child’s overall development and smooth transition to university or work, schools need to teach skills for the real world.

8 important real life skills schools should teach its students:

1. Time Management

Time management is a skill that helps students learn to prioritize work and therefore increase productivity levels. Be it finishing school homework, going out to play with friends, or getting ready for school, students need to know how to manage their time well.

2. Resilience

Who hasn’t heard of the popular saying: “failures are pillars of success”? Students must learn to accept failures while not giving up and improving constantly. The ability to get up after falling is an ability every student needs to learn to strengthen themselves.

3. Taxation

As we grow up, filing taxes is something we all have to do. But how many of us are taught about it right from our childhood? Well, according to statistics, more than 65% of adults do not know how to file taxes and have to get help from a professional for this basic task. This is why learning to file taxes is a life skill that one has to learn.

4. Stress Management

The older a person gets, the more stressful life becomes. But for students, stress builds up when they find it difficult to balance extracurricular activities and studies. Therefore, learning to manage stress is a necessary life skill that every student needs to learn for their emotional well-being.

5. Digital Rules

We live in a digital age where kids start using mobile phones and tablets before they even start speaking. This is why it is important to make sure children are aware of cyberbullying and the pros and cons of the internet.

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6. Finding And Following a Passion

In our country kids are taught to follow the crowd and start looking for jobs as soon as they finish university. So right from their childhood, it is important to teach kids to be spontaneous and follow their passion.

7. Household Chores and Maintenance

A lot of us learned to do household chores and maintenance much later in life. This needs to change, and kids need to be taught basic maintenance and cleaning skills so that they can become truly independent individuals and help parents out regularly.

8. Maintaining Personal Hygiene

Maintaining basic personal hygiene, like washing hands, ironing clothes, or using the toilet properly is something every school should teach its students.


There is no definite formula for teaching but today’s children need to learn basic life skills to excel and shine in life.


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