8 ways to develop modern teaching skills

8 tips to develop modern teaching skills

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modern teaching skills

Improving teaching skills can be quite rewarding. It can help keep students receptive, interactive, and engaged. It has the power to magically transform a dull topic into an interesting and exciting session. Students will always look forward to sessions by teachers with effective teaching skills in addition to passing tests with flying colors, which leaves the teacher highly motivated.

8 Ways to Advance Your Teaching Skills

1. Embrace technology:

Technology has brought major changes that play an important part in achieving significant improvements in the overall level of productivity. The internet has infinite educational resources for anyone who wishes to improve their teaching skills. Digital-assisted learning tools such as software programs, educational apps, and handheld devices can accelerate students’ participation and motivation.

2. Identify instructional objectives:

The teacher should put down some instructional activities that students will be able to accomplish at the end of the content/lesson. The action should be directly observable. Keeping instructional objectives in mind is a proven way to facilitate the construction of in and out-of-class activities and tests. Students will meet expectations if they are explicitly aware of what is required of them.

3. Use cooperative learning:

Form groups of students where members of each team should interact face to face, have positive interdependence and be held accountable individually. According to research, cooperatively taught students are more analytical, innovative, creative and critical, as well as have a better understanding of learned materials than conventionally taught students.

4. Ask about students’ experience:

In a class, some students are advanced and some are less prepared, but each category faces some challenges when learning. The teacher should ask them about their learning challenges and develop a teaching method that appeals to all. Ask them about their weak and strong areas then give them supplementary learning materials according to their need.

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5. Peer learning:

Each teacher has his/her share of ability and knowledge to offer. Grab every opportunity and interact with teachers from different schools. Some may come with higher teaching experience and would be able to provide invaluable tips on how to improve teaching skills. Seek the opportunity and attend teachers’ seminars that are organized at different levels.

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6. Learn to handle unruly behaviours:

Associating with students is imperative. We can do this by engaging them in small conversations. However, when doing so, beware of students who have disruptive behaviours. These students will always want to create unnecessary disruptions. A majority of them are attention seekers and there are different techniques and methodologies involved in managing them effectively.

7. Upgrade yourself:

A lot of changes are happening from one decade to another, from one era to another. A teacher should keep up the pace with the changes and upgrade himself/herself with new or modified methods of the teaching-learning process.

One of the finest methods to develop your teaching abilities is by taking classes. The NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (for newly qualified teachers and teaching assistants) and the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (for new teachers) are two teaching credentials that serve as useful examples.

8. Use of portfolios:

Portfolios can provide a meaningful technique for evaluating the learning outcomes. It involves use of student-generated questions, opinion polls, audio tapes, concept maps, knowledge checklists and minute papers to assess their progress and the effectiveness of teaching methodology.

Teaching is an art. It requires a lot of effort in molding future generations. Teachers have the power to not only teach their students but to motivate and guide them. By following the tips above, they can improve their teaching skills further and ensure that students are engaged and better prepared for the future.


To sum up, incorporating modern teaching skills can greatly improve your effectiveness as an educator in schools. By following the tips provided, such as using technology, engaging students actively, and encouraging participation, you can create an enjoyable and enriching classroom environment. It’s important to remain open to new methods and strategies as education continues to evolve. By continuously refining your teaching skills, you’ll be better equipped to meet the needs of today’s students and provide them with a valuable learning experience.


1. How can I improve my teaching skills?

You can get better at teaching by going to workshops, learning from experienced teachers, and reflecting on your teaching practices regularly.

2. Can technology help in improving my teaching skills?

Yes, technology can help improve your teaching skills by providing access to educational resources, facilitating interactive learning experiences, and enabling communication with students outside the classroom.If you’re considering incorporating modern digital resources like multimedia computers, projectors, and updated educational tools, then Varthana is your best option to enhance your classroom and offer a well-rounded learning experience for your students.

3. How important is feedback in improving teaching skills?

Feedback is crucial in improving teaching skills as it provides insights into areas of strength and areas for improvement. Actively seek feedback from students, colleagues, and supervisors to enhance your teaching effectiveness.

4. How teachers can improve their teaching?

Teachers can improve their teaching by staying updated on educational trends and research, collaborating with peers, and continuously seeking professional development opportunities.

5. What are 3 observations to improve overall teaching?

To teach better overall, work on how you manage your class, how you get students involved, and how you talk to them. Watch other teachers, ask for feedback, and think about how you teach to get better.

6. How will you improve your teaching method?

You can make your teaching better by trying new ways to teach, asking students what they think, and thinking about what worked and what didn’t in your teaching.


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