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How to reach students from marginalized communities post COVID?

Although schools are now fully operational following the devastating pandemic, the impact can still be felt across the country. Among the kids most affected by the pandemic are ones from the marginalized communities. Here we will learn what sorts of challenges girls and specially-abled children are facing post Covid and the possible solutions to improve[...]
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How to best equip school leaders to create more equitable and resilient education systems post covid

best equip school leaders
Every child’s education around the world was impacted by COVID-19. Schools used a variety of innovative methods to continue teaching during the pandemic. Nearly overnight, a lot of schools started providing online teaching classes. Schools approached teaching in different ways with the support of the internet, traditional post offices, television and radio and other media.[...]
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How can Affordable Private Schools overcome the financial burden imposed by covid?

Financial planning
Affordable private schools (APS) are under significant financial shock after the pandemic. Teachers have reported losing jobs, having their salaries cut or wages not being paid at all. Thousands of APS have been closed, with the rest struggling to survive. Many APS could not provide remote learning support to students through the pandemic due to[...]
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5 strategies to reach and impact vulnerable students after Covid-19

students after Covid-19
Each student is unique, but their learning experiences vary greatly. More so, for vulnerable students as they need a different kind of support with their education. Vulnerable students are young people who need extra attention and help. The kind of support required to achieve desired learning outcomes for vulnerable students directly depends on the type[...]
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Financial Planning For Budget Private School Owners Post Covid

Financial Planning
During and post COVID-19, Budget Private Schools (BPS) in India are struggling to upgrade their infrastructure and adapt to a new reality. However, BPS has its own set of issues. These schools face difficulties setting up reasonable tuition fees due to government regulations. They also require funding to improve their infrastructure. BPS also faces three[...]
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The number of children in child labour has risen since COVID. What are the most urgent changes that must be made?

child labour
India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru believed that “Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens” which implies that children will be the foundation of the nation. Therefore, every generation has a responsibility to raise children properly. But given the state of child labour rises, our future seems to be in trouble. According to the child labour statistics,[...]
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5 Steps to ensure children don’t experience loneliness, anxiety, anger, or grief in classrooms after COVID

Children mental health
Don’t you think children are supposed to be innocent, wise, fun-loving, and happy souls? Why are we then talking about terms like loneliness, anger, anxiety, and grief? What have these to do with children? Mental health during COVID-19 is one main factor revolving around the well-being of children these days. And yes, post covid there[...]
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What are the new learning techniques that every school must implement, especially post-COVID-19?

learning techniques
The education system has undergone massive changes because of Covid -19. Here are the four new learning techniques every school must implement, to keep up with competitors, especially post covid-19. 1. Use of technology in education  We have seen that in covid -19 pandemic, once the schools got closed, the school management, teachers and educators[...]
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