A Leader in Chattisgarh Converts His Coaching Center into a School to Boost English Skills in the Community

A Leader in Chattisgarh Converts His Coaching Center into a School to Boost English Skills in the Community

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A Leader in Chattisgarh Converts His Coaching Center into a School

Ajay Tiwari, DNT Public School, Chhattisgarh

Education and educational institutions have the power to uplift both individuals and communities. One such institution, DNT Public School, located in rural Mohala, Rajnandgaon, has been nurturing young minds and providing quality education for over two decades. This school has been a source of hope for students from humble backgrounds, offering them a chance to dream big and create a better future. Despite facing numerous challenges, the school has persevered with the never ending support of its dedicated staff and compassionate community. 

A Humble Launch

DNT Public School embarked on its journey in 2001 under the guidance of Ajay Tiwari, a passionate educator with a mission to empower children through education. Recognizing the local community’s need for enhanced English language skills and foundational literacy, Ajay shares, ”We converted our coaching center into a school, aiming to offer personalized attention to every student. With no online resources available, our team worked diligently to create comprehensive lesson plans, ensuring each student received the attention and materials required for a strong educational foundation.”

Ajay Tiwari, DNT Public School, Chhattisgarh

Overcoming Challenges

In its initial phase, the school operated from a rented house with just a handful of students. Despite this, the school steadily expanded over the years, gaining recognition for its unwavering commitment to quality education. The school’s founder reflects, ”Our journey from those humble beginnings to a new building signifies our steadfast commitment to providing quality education.” 

He underscores, “Varthana’s support has played a pivotal role in overcoming financial challenges and enhancing the learning environment for our students. We have recently inaugurated a new building, fostering a conducive learning environment for our students.”

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The Challenge of Fee Collection

One of the significant hurdles the school faces is the collection of fees. With 95% of its students hailing from low income backgrounds, including many farmers or daily wage earners, financial constraints often make it difficult for families to pay the fees promptly. Ajay emphasizes, “Our commitment is to ensure that every child receives an education, irrespective of their financial background.” 

“Our approach to addressing the issues our community faces and guaranteeing inclusivity in education is why the school administration allowed for flexibility in fee payments,” he claims. However, managing school expenses, including staff salaries and fixed costs, remains an ongoing challenge.

Ajay Tiwari, DNT Public School, Chhattisgarh

Shifting Landscapes and Resilience

In 2019, DNT Public School faced a significant setback when the government opened a free English medium school, causing the migration of 150 students. This challenge was compounded by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a complete halt in fee collection and classroom learning. Ajay shares, “Our commitment to providing uninterrupted education remained unwavering despite the challenges posed by the government’s initiatives and the pandemic.” 

Despite these hurdles, the school swiftly adapted to distance learning, with teachers conducting online classes and sharing assignments through WhatsApp groups.

Providing Holistic Development

Ajay is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also participation in various extracurricular activities. The school actively promotes sports, witnessing students achieve remarkable feats at the state level in disciplines like long jump, discus throw, and shot put. He expresses,” Our goal is to enhance the overall development of our students through sports and plans to introduce music lessons” Additionally, cultural events such as the annual sports and function days serve as platforms for students to showcase their talents, fostering a sense of camaraderie and celebration. “These events play a crucial role in shaping the holistic development of our students,” adds Ajay.

A Community of Support

Ajay values the partnership with parents, recognizing their crucial role in a child’s educational journey. Monthly parent-teacher meetings are held to update parents on student progress and foster a collaborative environment. He emphasizes, “Our strong bond with parents is integral to creating a supportive and engaging educational atmosphere.“

The school extends support to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, offering fee waivers and study materials. He further states, “Ensuring accessibility to education for all is a fundamental commitment we uphold, accommodating students under the Right to Education Act.”

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Relationship With Varthana

Varthana has been a steadfast supporter of DNT Public School, extending financial aid and guidance. As the school sought funds for a new building, Varthana stepped in, streamlining a loan process tailored to the school’s requirements. Ajay expresses his gratitude saying, “Varthana has truly been a lifeline for our school. Their financial assistance and guidance have been vital to our growth and success.” 

Going beyond financial support, Varthana has actively aided the school in effective parent communication, managing operations during the pandemic, and offering insights on expense management. He adds, “Their support enabled us to construct our school building, creating a better learning environment for our students.” This collaborative partnership empowers the school to uphold its mission, providing quality education and support to students, including scholarships and study materials for the underprivileged.

Future Endeavors

As DNT Public School moves forward, the school leader envisions implementing smart classes, music classes, and obtaining a Higher Secondary School affiliation certificate. “Our vision is to provide a holistic learning environment that goes beyond textbooks,” he claims. “The recent addition of the 9th standard marks a significant milestone in our continuous efforts to offer better education for our students.” Ajay concludes, “We believe in the power of education to break barriers and create opportunities for every child.”

DNT Public School shows how education can really make a big difference, even in rural places like Mohala. It proves that when teachers and the community stay strong and dedicated to providing and receiving quality education, they become unstoppable. The school, under its leader, cares about each student by giving them personal attention and offering activities outside regular classes. It’s a safe and supportive place for students aiming to overcome socio-economic barriers.


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