A Resilient School Leader’s Fight Against Migration And Unemployment In Uttarkashi

A Resilient School Leader’s Fight Against Migration And Unemployment In Uttarkashi

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Jagriti Public School, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

Jaiveer Singh, Jagriti Public School, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

From an early age, Jaiveer Singh, a native of a small village in Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand, was deeply influenced by his father’s commitment to social activities and helping the village community. Recalling those formative years, Jaiveer shares, “I often witnessed my father providing financial assistance for weddings and education in our village, actively engaging in social endeavours. It left an indelible impression on me”. His father’s noble actions became a wellspring of inspiration for him. Despite coming from an agricultural background, Jaiveer’s family always supported his education and academic pursuits.

Jaiveer completed his initial schooling in the village and later pursued his graduation and post-graduation studies at a college nearby. It was during this period that he noticed a concerning trend. People were earning their livelihoods but neglecting their children’s education. Instead of sending them to school, they would immerse themselves in traditional businesses and household chores. “Moreover, a significant number of villagers were migrating elsewhere in search of employment and better prospects,” he adds.

Jaiveer keenly observed that parents were sending their children to cities for work, perpetuating the cycle of migration.

Recognizing that the root cause lay in the lack of quality education and career guidance, he decided to enter the field of education. He became a teacher at a school in another village within the district. For over a decade, he wholeheartedly served as an educator and eventually rose to the position of school principal. During this time, he accomplished remarkable feats in raising awareness about the importance of education within the local community.

The Journey of Jagriti Public School

In the 90s, private schools were not a popular choice in his locality, and many parents were dissatisfied with government schools. However, our school leader’s hardwork and dedication earned him recognition in his current school. During a winter vacation, when he returned to the village from college, the village head approached him with an inspiring idea—to open a private school in their village and provide quality education to underprivileged children.

Recalling the initial struggles, he shares, “I went from door to door, explaining the importance of education. At first, people didn’t grasp it, but when I connected it to the issue of migration, they understood and supported me”. The community rallied behind him, offering support and even donating funds for the school building. On his family land, the foundation of Jagriti Public School was laid, and in the year 2000, the school opened its doors in Naugaon, Uttarkashi, with an inaugural batch of 115 students.

The school’s name, Jagriti Public School, was chosen with great thoughtfulness. “Jagriti” signifies consciousness and awareness, perfectly aligning with the school leader’s mission to awaken people to the importance of education.

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When an unforeseen event occured

After six remarkable years of peace and transforming lives, a sudden and devastating cloudburst struck the school in the year 2006. In a single day, all the hardwork and progress seemed to vanish, leaving our school leader shattered but not hopeless. He gathered the strength to face the situation head-on and seek solutions.

The very next day, he called for a meeting with his staff to collectively brainstorm ideas on how to rebuild and start anew. Inspired by his motivation and dedication, one of the staff members suggested utilizing a nearby lounge room as a temporary space to continue running the school. Recognizing the feasibility of this idea, Jaiveer shifted the school to the new location on a monthly rental basis.

With the insurance amount received, he took a significant step towards rebuilding the dream. He purchased a piece of land in the village, starting the school from scratch, once again. 

However, the challenges that lay ahead, particularly in rebuilding the infrastructure, were not to be taken lightly. This is where Varthana came into the picture. Together, they overcame obstacles and turned adversity into an opportunity for growth. 

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Varthana’s support and a step towards development

Recognizing the significance of his mission, Varthana stepped forward to offer a fund of 25 lakh rupees, enabling him to rebuild the school and continue serving the community in the same village. With this support, he was able to reconstruct the school again, determined more than ever to rise above the challenges.

The impact of Varthana’s financial help extended far beyond the physical reconstruction. As news spread of the school’s revival, enrollment numbers soared to 200 students. 

The community saw this as a sign of progress and embraced the renewed opportunity for their children to receive a quality education.

Expressing his profound gratitude, Jaiveer states, “Varthana’s quick and timely financial support saved us an immense amount of time in arranging funds for reconstructing my school. I will forever be thankful to them.” 

He further acknowledges that Varthana played a pivotal role in turning the tides of adversity into a catalyst for growth. With Varthana’s backing, he is set to continue making a profound difference in the lives of the students and the community. The partnership between Varthana and our school leader exemplifies the importance of collective efforts and highlights how financial support can ignite a spark of change that illuminates the path towards a brighter future.

Effects of the lockdown and the school’s achievements

Similar to many schools in rural India, Jagriti Public School also faced the challenge of learning gaps resulting from the extended closure during the lockdown. However, with Varthana’s assistance, the school received the Unlock School workbooks which proved instrumental in ensuring uninterrupted learning for the students. Working closely with his dedicated staff, Jaiveer successfully continued the educational journey, bridging the gap caused by the school closure.

Moreover, displaying his deep empathy and understanding, he provided significant relief to financially distressed parents in his village. Recognizing the hardships they faced, he granted complete relaxation on a 10-month fee, easing the burden on these families. 

Future Vision

The school is doing a tremendous job on the academic front. Currently, six students from the school are pursuing MBBS courses through the government quota, while others are studying engineering in esteemed colleges in Dehradun. This realization of diverse career choices among the students is a true manifestation of the school leader’s dream.

Looking ahead, Jaiveer aims to equip classrooms with modern technology and establish computer labs within the school premises. By providing access to technological resources, he seeks to empower his students to contribute to the IT sector and pursue careers in this field. This forward-thinking approach reflects his dedication to preparing the students for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Jaiveer Singh’s story serves as an inspiration to all, making us believe that one person’s commitment and dedication to education can bring about extraordinary transformations. Inspired by the kindness and generosity of his father, he selflessly devoted himself to addressing the pressing issues of migration and unemployment. Through his tireless efforts, he has become a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in his village.


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