A School Leader in Lucknow Keeps Up the Family Tradition of Offering Affordable Education

A School Leader in Lucknow Keeps Up the Family Tradition of Offering Affordable Education

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A School Leader in Lucknow Keeps Up the Family Tradition

Sanjay Mohan, Ram Prakash Trivedi Public School, Lucknow

Legacy Inspiration

Sanjay Mohan, the dedicated leader behind the success of Ram Prakash Trivedi Public School, draws inspiration from his father, a retired teacher. His journey into education began when he rented a small building to start the school. He continues, “The passion for providing quality education is deeply rooted in our family, with both my father and brother supporting my initiative.”

“I come from a family where education is not just a profession; it’s a passion. My father’s teachings and my family’s support have been my pillars,” Sanjay shares, emphasizing the importance of familial influence in his educational journey.

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Ram Prakash Trivedi Public School: More Than a Name 

The school, established in 2013, holds a special place in Sanjay’s heart, as it bears his father’s name. Emotional Sanjay shares, “I truly believe in the purpose of our school, which is to provide quality education.” Today the institution has grown, boasting of four vans, eight classrooms, and a vision for future expansion.

The School Leader’s Daily Grind 

Sanjay’s routine exemplifies his unbreakable dedication and commitment to the school’s success. He says, “I start my day at 7 am and work tirelessly until 10 pm.” The positive feedback, even from parents on the school’s education, reflects the impact of his hard work. “I believe in leading by example. If I put in the effort, it motivates the entire school community,” he affirms.

A School Leader in Lucknow Keeps Up the Family Tradition

Coping With The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges, causing a financial loss of 11 lakhs for the school. Sanjay continues, “Operating in an area where parents rely on farming with irregular income, timely fee collection proved to increase more hardships for us.” He acknowledges the crucial role played by his family and friends during these trying times. He adds, “My family and friends stood by me. Their support was invaluable.”

To overcome financial setbacks, Sanjay emphasizes the importance of collecting fees on time, recognizing it as essential for the school’s sustainability. He notes, “Our commitment to providing quality education remained strong and evident in the expansion of classrooms post-COVID, demonstrating our perseverance even in the face of adversity.”

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Empowered By Varthana’s Support 

Varthana, a financial partner, played a crucial role in the school’s progress. Sanjay recalls how a friend introduced him to Varthana, a finance organization supporting schools. He says, “With a loan of 4 lakhs from Varthana, our school’s student strength increased from 450 to 600, which is a massive change within a short time.”

Expressing gratitude, Sanjay remarks, “Varthana has been instrumental in realizing our vision. Their support has been crucial in overcoming financial hurdles and expanding our infrastructure.”

Sanjay looks forward to maintaining a strong partnership with Varthana, expressing happiness with the organization’s commitment.”My dream is to make quality education accessible to every student, irrespective of their financial background. With Varthana by our side, we are confident in achieving this vision,” he states.

Vision For The Future 

Sanjay has big plans for Ram Prakash Trivedi Public School, driven by his passion for improving educational opportunities. He says, “We’re going to add 15 classrooms, office spaces, sports facilities, computer labs, and hire qualified teachers to compete with top schools.”

Looking ahead, as the school expands, he imagines a future where it becomes a center for quality education, offering a variety of courses and opportunities for students from all backgrounds.

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