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Understanding the Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Classroom

Cultural sensitivity in the classroom - Varthana
In today’s diverse and interconnected world, cultural sensitivity has become an essential aspect of education. Classrooms are becoming increasingly diverse, with students hailing from various cultural backgrounds. This diversity enriches the learning environment, providing students with a broader perspective and preparing them for a multicultural society. As classrooms become increasingly multicultural, teachers must promote an[...]
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Why Equal Representation in School Level Sports Matters

Why Equal Representation in School Level Sports Matters
Introduction Gender equality is as behind in sports, particularly at the school level, as much as it is being advocated for in other sectors. Although achievements have been recorded in the past few decades to motivate women towards sports, there is still a large disparity in equal representation, most notably in school athletics. While celebrating[...]
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Why Equal Representation in the Art Room Matters?

Why Equal Representation in the Art Room Matters
In the colorful world of the art room, where creativity knows no bounds, the significance of equal representation cannot be overstated. In India, equal representation in the art room holds profound significance due to the country’s vast diversity in culture, religion, language, and socioeconomic backgrounds. India’s rich heritage and multifaceted identity make the case for[...]
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