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Community Engagement: How Volunteer and Service Activities Benefit Students

Community Engagement: How Volunteer and Service Activities
When we refer to ‘community,’ it is important for humans to fulfill emotional, social, and practical needs. Whether through family, friendships, local neighborhoods, or broader social networks, communities provide a foundation for support, shared experiences, and the development of individual identity and purpose. What is Community Involvement in Education? Community engagement is to involve and[...]
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The Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Student Success

importance of extracurricular activities - Varthana
Introduction Education is a multidimensional adventure–it doesn’t stop at the front doors of school. Over the past several years, teachers and parents have both come to understand just how important extracurricular activities are in terms of a student’s overall development. This article attempts to explore from several angles the various aspects in which extracurricular activities[...]
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Top 8 Volunteer Programs For Indian Teachers In 2024

volunteer programs for Indian teachers - Varthana
Volunteer initiatives for teachers, school leaders stand out in India’s diverse environment as symbols of optimism, bringing people together through kindness, understanding, and harmony. These projects allow educators to help others by making relationships and spreading sentimental value. Teachers can make substantial contributions to society by volunteering, touching people’s lives and leaving a positive impression.[...]
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5 Short Films to Educate and Empower 21st Century Students

5 Short Films to Educate and Empower 21st Century Students
Introduction Education today does not occur in books and regular classrooms only. The contemporary learner is restless, inquisitive, and keen to embrace different knowledge bases. Consequently, short films have been considered a very effective teaching technique for learners with different learning styles since they incorporate some stories and appeal in visuals. This blog discusses five[...]
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Why Supporting and Nurturing Interests Outside the Classroom is Important?

How out of classroom interests - Varthana
There is more to education than just walls in classrooms, textbooks, and prescribed curricula. While acquiring academic knowledge is undoubtedly essential, developing hobbies outside of the classroom is just as important for overall growth. What is Learning Beyond the Classroom? Learning outside of the classroom includes a wide range of engaging experiences, endeavors, and activities[...]
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