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Why Supporting and Nurturing Interests Outside the Classroom is Important?

How out of classroom interests - Varthana
There is more to education than just walls in classrooms, textbooks, and prescribed curricula. While acquiring academic knowledge is undoubtedly essential, developing hobbies outside of the classroom is just as important for overall growth. What is Learning Beyond the Classroom? Learning outside of the classroom includes a wide range of engaging experiences, endeavors, and activities[...]
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8 Benefits Of Field Trips In Education

Advantages of field trips in educations - Varthana
The traditional classroom, with its rows of desks and chalkboards, is evolving. In its place, the educational community is increasingly recognizing the myriad benefits of outdoor education and field trips. Venturing beyond the confines of school walls, students step into a world of experiential learning, where real-world experiences become powerful educational tools. Let’s delve into[...]
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