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Parental Perspectives on Class Sizes: Expectations and Concerns

Parental Perspectives on Class Sizes
Introduction: Within the ever-changing field of education, classroom size plays a crucial role in determining the nature of the learning process. Class size is a topic that parents, who are crucial supporters of their kids’ education, actively discuss. This blog explores parental expectations and concerns about their children’s learning surroundings as it digs into the[...]
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How to Engage Parents in Behavior Management Strategies?

How to Engage Parents in Behavior Management Strategies
Introduction:  Collaboration between schools and parents is a crucial factor in a child’s learning journey since it influences not just academic performance but also the complex domain of behavioral development. More and more, schools are experimenting with creative ways to get parents involved in the important area of behavior control. Among these tactics, Family Behavior[...]
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7 benefits of parents’ engagement for affordable private schools

Parent engagement
Parents’ engagement is a collaborative relationship between the school, teachers, and parents to contribute to the learning process and overall school development. Covid-19 has caused a shift in parent engagement resulting in poor fee payment, low participation in school meetings, lack of accountability, lack of awareness about their role, dropouts, delayed enrollment, and disruption in[...]
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