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How can school leaders help parents get to know the school staff better?

parent teacher partnership
A child’s life is the foundational developmental phase of an adult. When a child becomes an adult, they act and behave in a manner they have learned during their early life. Most of an adult’s childhood is significantly influenced by the adults around them; the parent-teacher partnership often covers the majority of this influence. At[...]
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How to create a Culture of Achievement in your School and Classroom?

Culture of Achievement
School and classroom culture is the environment that surrounds every student and teacher in the school. Classroom culture includes the relationship between students and teachers, whereas school culture includes students, teachers, and parents. Every student wants to be part of a classroom that excels in classroom culture. So, teachers must provide students with a winning,[...]
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As a school leader, what should be your top commitments?

school leader
School leader and leadership A school leader is a principal, assistant principal, or any individual who operates an elementary school or secondary school and is responsible for the daily instructional and managerial operations in the school building. A school leader should possess strong school leadership qualities in order to be successful and build a successful[...]
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Everything you need to know about Strategic Leadership style

Strategic Leadership
Leadership in general is the ability to influence a group to work towards achieving a set of goals. Choosing an exemplary leadership style is a challenge. The most effective leadership style involves anticipating, visualising, remaining flexible, and empowering others to bring about change as circumstances demand. Here is where strategic leadership can be put into[...]
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