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A guide to finding the best Private school loan providers in India | Varthana

best Private school loan providers in India
Private schools today serve nearly 12 crore children. A wave of low and middle-income families seeking better education for their children has fueled the growth of the affordable private school sector. Nothing demonstrates this better than the fact that 45.5% of private school students pay less than Rs. 500 monthly fees. However, these schools are[...]
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Benefits of the Best Private School Loan Companies in India

Benefits of the best private school
A school’s infrastructure and the quality of its facilities are important predictors of student learning and teacher retention. Establishing a safe and healthy school environment is absolutely essential for students’ physical and emotional learning. A child is influenced by a number of diverse components or determinants, infrastructure being one of them. School infrastructure should include[...]
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How Do School Finance Companies Work in India?

School Finance
India has a large base of affordable private schools, which presents a huge opportunity for children from low-income families to get access to quality education. Indian school finance companies (NBFCs or other financial institutions) lend to these established schools and give incremental loans to build science or computer labs or buy computers. The loans are[...]
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