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Closing the Achievement Gap: Research-Backed Strategies Supported by Student Voices

Achievement Gap Strategies: Student Voices Supported Research
Imagine a classroom where every student feels excited and empowered to learn. This is the vision we strive for, but the reality is that many students face obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential. This is where the achievement gap comes in. The achievement gap refers to the difference in academic performance between[...]
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Year end Evaluation and Assessment frameworks for improving school outcomes

Evaluation and Assessment frameworks
Different countries use a wide range of methods to evaluate and assess students, teachers, schools, and education systems. It is widely recognized that assessment and evaluation frameworks are key to building stronger and more equitable school systems. Countries emphasize the importance of viewing assessment and evaluation not as stand-alone, but as essential tools for achieving[...]
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School self-evaluation for growth: What works and why?

School self-evaluation
Schools need to know how well they are performing to identify areas for improvement. School self-evaluation is one way to accomplish this. Self-evaluations can be either formative (used to assess current gaps and solutions to close those gaps) or summative (used to assess progress against predetermined goals). When used effectively, self-evaluations can be a powerful[...]
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Why is School Self-Evaluation Important for School Improvement?

School Self evaluation
The main factor that makes a school stand out is the quality of education provided. One characteristic  some of the best schools have in common is continuous self evaluation – a school that undertakes continuous monitoring of its systems to identify the scope for improvement and implement school improvement plans tend to outshine the rest.[...]
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Student Assessment Post COVID-19: What Can Be Done Quickly & At Scale

Student Assessment
COVID-19 Impact: Transforming Educational Assessments With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the education industry was one of the most impacted industries; millions of students from all over the world could not learn in their usual classrooms.  Needless to say, large-scale educational assessment programs like the JEE or NEET also had to be suspended. We[...]
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