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How Can Visual Aids Enhance Learning Activities at School?

Learning activities at school - Varthana
As school leaders in India, you understand how important it is to create an exciting and effective learning atmosphere for your students. Nowadays, with so much information available and short attention spans, using visual tools in teaching is crucial. It helps students stay interested, understand better, and remember more. According to data from Markets and[...]
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Transforming Classrooms: A Guide to Implementing Augmented Reality (AR) in Education

Classrooms a guide in education - Varthana
Augmented Reality (AR) in education refers to the use of auditory, visual, or hepatic feedback to assist students in understanding certain topics or learning a new skill. AR in education combines simulation or real-life interactive settings to help students understand and apply concepts to real-world circumstances. Because of its collaborative and interactive character, AR can[...]
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Is Technology A Boon Or Bane For School-Going Students?

Advantages of Technology in Education - Varthana
In today’s educational landscape, generational integration has emerged as a critical aspect in molding students’ awareness of their experiences. As a responsible school leader in India, you recognize the enormous impact that technology may have on your student’s academic journey. According to market data from Dart Consulting, the Ed Tech sector in India is expected[...]
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