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Dombivli School Leader’s Rise from Snack Stalls to Empowering Students To Win International Olympiad Medals

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Dombivli School Leader's Rise from Snack Stalls to Empowering Students To Win International Olympiad Medals

Kamal Das, Gurukul Bright World School, Dombivli, Thane

Background and Inspiration

Kamal Das’s journey shows how determination and self-improvement can make you strong. Forced to leave school due to family responsibilities and economic challenges, he started managing snack stalls to get through tough times. “I faced emotional struggles as a child when I couldn’t pay school fees,” he recollects. 

Working in the family business and various jobs until 1997, he began to realize the impact of leaving education behind. Recognizing the importance of learning, Kamal transformed his problems into strengths, driven by the belief that “no child should miss out on education due to financial constraints”. It is evident that Kamal is committed to affordable education as his story is inspiring for those facing adversity, proving that if you keep trying and working hard, you can overcome anything. As he wisely puts it, “My journey proves that anything is possible when you stay dedicated and work hard.”

How the School Started

In 2008, Kamal started a new journey with tuition classes. By 2011, he took a big step forward, establishing a school that initially offered pre-primary classes. In 2020, he achieved a major milestone by realizing his dream of launching a primary school. “I wanted to learn more, gain more experience and knowledge; half knowledge can always be hazardous to both ourselves and the society around us,” Kamal candidly shares the reason behind the delayed start of primary school. This was also a joint effort with his sister, a shared dream they pursued. He reflects, “Unfortunately, she is no longer with us, so I am dedicated to fulfilling her dreams.” This story is not just about building a school; it’s about turning dreams into a lasting legacy, one that continues to inspire.

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Kamal Das, Gurukul Bright World School, Dombivli, Thane

School’s Growth

While managing most aspects himself, Kamal’s niece has proven to be a huge help by taking charge of overseeing academics. Despite a delayed start, the school faced immediate challenges with a lockdown due to COVID within a month of establishment. Taking swift action, Kamal trained teachers for online education and overcame many obstacles that came along the way. Beginning with 47 students, the school now boasts a strength of 650 within 2-3 years. 

Kamal highlights, “Consistent upgradation according to current trends is the key to growth.” He ensures continuous development by upgrading teachers’ professional and personal skills.

To stay abreast of educational trends, they use smart boards in every classroom, following the NEST E-learning curriculum. To foster holistic growth, they offer Yoga, Karate, and Zumba training by expert teachers. Embracing digitalization, the school employs an LMS app, transforming it into a 360-degree education platform. A proud school leader states,” Parents can track every school process online, ensuring smooth operations.” This school is proving that facing problems and trying new things for a better and more complete learning experience always put you a step ahead.

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Proud Moments

Kamal, radiating pride, shares, “Our school strongly encourages students to take part in Olympiad exams. Some have even won medals at the international level – a reflection of their hard work and our educators’ dedication.” Thrilled with their success, he further adds, “I’m proud of the students’ achievements and the dedication they’ve shown.”

Varthana School Loan


When asked about maintaining motivation during the COVID-19 lockdown, especially after establishing the school just a week before, Kamal shares, “I had a clear goal—to expand the school up to the 12th grade. As long as I had this goal, demotivation wasn’t an option.” 

Describing their approach to online education, he admits, “We ensured satisfactory engagement from our students. Our focus shifted to addressing the learning gap, organizing extra classes and providing relevant worksheets for the students.”

Relationship with Varthana

In the course of their journey, Varthana provided crucial financial support. In 2022, Kamal strategically opted for a loan from Varthana, directing the funds to enhance the school’s infrastructure, especially the computer and science labs. He says, “The infusion of funds allowed us to comprehensively upgrade our school, aligning it with the necessary facilities to meet and exceed parents’ expectations.” 

This financial boost enabled the procurement of computers, the establishment of a fully equipped science lab tailored for up to 12th-grade education, and enriching the school’s library with various books. Kamal expresses, “We benefited from Varthana not only by attracting a higher number of students but also by significantly enhancing our enrollment rates.”


My goals and dreams keep me awake, as I’m committed to pursuing them until they become a reality,” asserts Kamal. The school leader is determined to witness the expansion of his school up to the 12th standard, focusing on enhancing infrastructure and establishing additional branches to reach a broader student base. Looking forward, he says, “In the coming year, I plan to introduce coding and vocational courses in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) standards.” 


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