Education for All: How Two Brothers Inspire Lasting Impact on Society

Education for All: How Two Brothers Inspire Lasting Impact on Society

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Nanadchaya Vidyaniketan, Asalpha, Mumbai

Milind and Prashant Baraskar, Nanadchaya Vidyaniketan, Asalpha, Mumbai


“A mother, whether educated or uneducated, always has the best guidance to offer.” These words resonate with the inspiring journey of Milind Baraskar, the proud owner of Nanadchaya Vidyaniketan, Asalpha, Mumbai. He attributes all his success and the school’s accomplishments to his mother. She was a woman of discipline, unwavering in her commitment to her children’s education.

“There was a time when I was just a young child and my mother was hospitalized. On the day of her discharge, despite her illness, she insisted that my father drop me off at school for half a day,” Milind fondly shares some cherished memories of his mother. 

Coming from a lower-middle-class family, with his father working as a labourer, Milind faced numerous challenges. However, after completing his own education, he joined a school in his village as a computer teacher. It was during his time there that he witnessed the transformative power of computer knowledge in the lives of his students, opening doors to employment opportunities. This realization fueled his determination to make a difference.

With the support of his brother, Prashant Baraskar, Milind started on a journey to establish their own computer classes. 

Starting with just two computers in their humble abode, their mission was clear: to provide knowledge and create employment opportunities for their students.

Inspiration behind the school

In a world where computer knowledge held the key to job opportunities, the importance of education in transforming lives became abundantly clear. This realization sparked a strong desire in the hearts of two brothers, Milind and Prashant, to bring about a positive change in the education sector. They were driven by their mother’s dream to provide their own children with a quality education, and they were determined to extend this opportunity to other children as well.

Guided by the principle of Matru-Pitru Devo Bhava (reverence towards parents), Milind and Prashant wanted to establish a school that would be a beacon of love and nurturing. They named it Nanadchaya, a beautiful amalgamation of their parent’s names, Nandakumar and Chaya. It symbolized the roof of parental love under which every child would flourish.

In the vicinity, numerous schools existed, but many families found quality education to be financially out of reach. Milind and Prashant recognized this disparity and strongly believed that everyone should have the opportunity to access education, regardless of financial circumstances. 

In 2004, they took the first step towards their vision by establishing Nanadchaya School in a humble slum area, starting with Junior and Senior KG classes.

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How the school started

In the Initial days, Milind and Prashant faced many financial challenges. They started the school with only 12 students in the first year, which made it difficult to pay teachers well and keep them on staff. Since most of the parents came from working-class backgrounds, the school had to charge minimal fees. Milind says, “During that tough time, our father provided us with financial support and used all his savings to help the school grow. He gave us the patience to succeed. We had tough competition and it was hard to sustain.”

“Initially, other schools used to complain about our school to the education department because we lacked basic facilities and affiliation. There were people who tried to mislead parents by saying, “Your child won’t get admission to any other school because this school is not affiliated,” Milind adds. Despite facing numerous challenges, the brothers developed strategies to overcome them. They prioritized quality teachers and honesty. Transparency and respect became the keys to their success. They kept fees affordable and sought insights from parents to address the difficulties they faced. This approach earned them respect and appreciation.

“We believe students are the heart of the school. Despite our authority and position, my brother and I engage with students based on their age. We even taught some bright but financially disadvantaged students for free, and they scored above 90%,” Milind humbly shares.

A significant aspect of Nanadchaya School is its strong monitoring and evaluation system. “The school always supports students, even outside of regular school hours. Some students lack a conducive study environment at home, so they stay back at school until their parents come home, studying and receiving assistance.”

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Proud moment

Milind shares, “We feel extremely proud when we hear children from uneducated family backgrounds speaking in English. We make use of the Christmas vacation for various activities, and people praise us for this. We also organize a science exhibition, and one of our projects on Hydroponics reached the district level. The appreciation we received for that project was truly invaluable, surpassing any ranking. We participate in numerous competitions across different domains to broaden students’ perspectives on the world and show them opportunities for improvement. Thanks to these initiatives, we have grown from 12 students to 1,200 students.”

Partnership with Varthana

Milind further emphasizes, “Despite all the efforts, financial resources are crucial for the growth of a school. Normally, schools don’t have the opportunity to secure loans, but Varthana came forward and provided us with that opportunity. Their representatives have been incredibly cooperative, and we always receive immediate responses from them.”

He adds, “We utilized the loan from Varthana for improving our infrastructure and covering various other school expenses. Additionally, we acquired a K-YAN projector from Varthana, which has enhanced our teaching methods. The improved infrastructure allowed us to expand our classrooms, accommodating a larger number of students. Prior to the infrastructure upgrades, we had 600 students, and now our school proudly accommodates 1200 students.”

Through the support of Varthana, Nanadchaya School has been able to overcome financial challenges imposed during COVID-19 and create a better learning environment for an increased number of students.

“Varthana’s COVID-19 express loan enabled us to recover from our previous loan and effectively manage other expenses. Thanks to Varthana’s support, our school was able to navigate through the difficulties caused by the pandemic without compromising our financial stability,” he notes.


Milind and Prashant faced many challenges, but they never gave up. They showed great determination and resilience, which will pave the way for their future success. They have big plans for their school. They want to create more divisions, increase the number of students, and open new branches. They even bought land to build a sports school where they will train students for the Olympic Games in the next ten years. Their dream is to see their students proudly represent the country on the international stage.

While pursuing their dreams, they also support other new schools in their area. They provide guidance and help, especially with matters related to the Right to Education (RTE). They believe that by assisting others, they can contribute to improving the quality of education in our society.

Varthana is truly inspired by Milind and Prashant’s dedication, determination, and vision. Their journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and the profound impact that determined individuals can have on the lives of countless students. We are excited to see their school continue to grow and achieve remarkable accomplishments in the future.


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