Empowering Jodhpur’s Youth: A Leader’s Vision to Provide Education Locally and Aid Students in Pursuing Higher Studies in Cities

Empowering Jodhpur’s Youth: A Leader’s Vision to Provide Education Locally and Aid Students in Pursuing Higher Studies in Cities

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Empowering Jodhpur's Youth: A Leader's Vision to Provide Education

Chena Ram Prajapat, Gyanasthali Upper Primary School, Asop, Jodhpur 

Chena Ram was raised in a small village where his father worked on a farm and his mother looked after their home. He noticed the potential of young people in his village from an early age. However, he also noticed a problem: there weren’t enough schools in the area, which limited the opportunities for local children to excel.

Once he completed his education, Chena Ram worked as an assistant for students in his village. He helped them to complete their B.Ed from Kashmir, ensuring that education was accessible to everyone. He did this by supporting them with exams, avoiding scams, and making the journey to the city safer.

Recognizing the Early Potential

Driven by the talent he saw in his community, he dreamed of opening a B.Ed college. He started by laying the groundwork for quality education by establishing a school. “I wanted to create a path for our youth, to give them the opportunities they deserve,” he says. His inspiration came from his elder brother, a government teacher, and his mentor, Sohan Chaudhary in Kashmir. They encouraged him to pursue his dream of starting the school. With their guidance and his deep respect for the teaching profession, he leaped. Finally, in 2011, the school doors opened. “It’s not just about running a school; it’s about shaping futures,” he emphasized. Using his skills and knowledge, he has been successfully running the school for 12 years now. “Education is the key to unlocking endless possibilities,” he believes.

Chena Ram Prajapat, Gyanasthali Upper Primary School, Asop, Jodhpu

Getting Parent’s Validation

In rural areas, some parents don’t fully appreciate education due to a lack of awareness. They often send their younger children to school with their older siblings, expecting the school to look after them. This can cause disruptions as schools struggle to manage younger siblings in class. “We’re striving to bridge this gap,” says Chena Ram, the visionary behind the initiative.

To tackle this challenge, they’ve introduced engaging activities like toys and educational animations projected on a screen. “We aim to make learning fun and accessible,” Chena Ram notes. They also encourage separate play sessions, gradually teaching the children to sit independently.

Moreover, parents are actively involved in school events to encourage and support their children. “We believe in the power of community involvement,” emphasizes Chena Ram. Additionally, recognizing the unique needs of young children, they prioritize hiring female teachers who are better equipped to handle them.

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School’s Innovative Strategies

Every Saturday, the school gathers for a teacher’s meeting to discuss various topics such as teaching methods, managing behavior, and professional conduct. “These meetings are crucial for our growth as teachers,” emphasizes Chena Ram, highlighting the importance of continuous improvement.

Furthermore, the school has invested in upgrading its technology, including projectors, CCTV cameras, electronic bells, and a sound system. “We’re committed to enhancing the learning environment,” Chena Ram affirms.

Notably, projectors are predominantly used in lower-level classes to enhance student engagement. Gyanasthali Upper Primary School currently offers education up to the 8th grade, with no immediate plans for expansion beyond this level, as Chena Ram is focused on realizing his dream of establishing a B.Ed college.

Chena Ram Prajapat, Gyanasthali Upper Primary School, Asop, Jodhpur

Finding Happiness In Student’s Success

Chena Ram reflected on his experiences with warmth, sharing,Teaching in villages gives me immense satisfaction. The love and respect I receive from the community always touches me deeply.” He also expressed his joy in seeing their students being selected for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya each year, which brings him immense happiness. “Taking care of 500 students is a big responsibility, but we do it with dedication,” he adds. They take great pride in ensuring the safe return of students to their homes and it adds to their sense of fulfillment.

Addressing The Learning Gap

During the pandemic, everyone faced challenges, including students who experienced significant learning setbacks, with some falling behind by up to two years. To tackle this, Chena Ram organized special remedial classes. “It was crucial to help our students catch up,” he emphasizes.

Schools conducted assessments to pinpoint areas needing improvement and focused on enhancing reading and numerical skills. Despite the closures, they persevered, ensuring they could support their students through these tough times. “We were determined to keep our students on track,” Chena Ram notes.

Varthana’s Role In Upgrading The Infrastructure

In expressing his gratitude towards Varthana, Chena Ram mentioned, “I’ve taken loans from Varthana twice, and I’ve always been diligent in paying my EMIs on time.” During the COVID pandemic, finances were tight, making it challenging to run and expand the school. However, with a second loan from Varthana, he made essential investments, including projectors, CCTV cameras, and water coolers to enhance student safety. “Improving our school’s facilities helped attract more parents,” he explains, leading to a notable increase in student enrollment from 300 to 400.

Accessible Education: The Future Ahead

Chena Ram stands out as a remarkable leader, valuing his staff like family. “My team means everything to me,” he asserts. His dedication to providing diverse opportunities for their growth is truly admirable.

His commitment to strengthening computer education in the school is praiseworthy and will soon be put into action. “We’re focused on bringing the best learning tools to our students,” he states.

Moreover, his aspiration to transform the school into a role model institution is motivating. “We aim to lead by example,” he shares. Additionally, his vision of establishing a local B.Ed college reflects his dedication to accessible education. “It’s about bringing higher education closer to our community,” he expresses. Chena Ram’s persistent pursuit of his goals serves as a source of inspiration to all.

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