Empowering Students and Creating Job Opportunities: The Story of a Visionary School Leader in Rajgarh

Empowering Students and Creating Job Opportunities: The Story of a Visionary School Leader in Rajgarh

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Apoorva Public

Khagendra Saini, Apoorva Public Senior Secondary School, Rajgarh, Rajasthan


Khagendra Saini went from being a dedicated teacher to owning a school, and his story is truly inspiring. Having taught in many institutions and coaching classes, he was fueled by a deep passion for teaching and empowering students. “I had an unquenchable spark within me that pushed me to start my own school,” he reflects, determinedly. His vision was to transform the educational landscape in Rajgarh by providing quality education to every student.

After working hard for months, Khagendra made his dream come true by “hiring the best teachers, incorporating effective teaching methods, and building a good place for students to learn and grow.”

The result was Apoorva Public Senior Secondary School. It wasn’t just a school as it became known for its excellent education, helping over 1,000 students in a small place like Rajgarh. “Seeing so many students learn well in my school makes me very proud,” Khagendra shares with fervor.

What makes Khagendra the happiest, however, is seeing his students, many from backward villages, become successful.

He says, “It’s amazing to see those kids grow up and become accomplished doctors or engineers from prestigious institutions like IIT.”

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Proud moment

Khagendra and his students have achieved great things together. Many of them have succeeded financially and obtained high-profile jobs in both the public and corporate sectors, a clear reflection of the quality of education and preparation they received at the institution. Every year, 50 students aim for and get government jobs, showing the school’s commitment to preparing them well.

But what truly stands out about Khagendra is his holistic approach to education. He believes in aligning students’ academic journeys with their passions and strengths. “When students pursue streams aligned with their interests and talents, they lay the groundwork for future success. Our focus on this personalized guidance has helped them achieve a lot, and it’s wonderful to see them doing so well,” Khagendra proudly declares.

The pandemic

When the pandemic hit, Khagendra stepped up to support families in need. He extended help by distributing food, hygiene products, and providing medical assistance to many. Determined to prevent learning loss, he ensured that students had access to additional classes and resources to stay on track with their studies.

“Our teachers have been pillars of strength during these times. Recognizing that some students didn’t have the internet, they even visited their homes to help with studies,” he emphasizes.

Additionally, Khagendra offered 50 orphans free education at his school and also provided them with essentials like food and clothes. His kindness and dedication make him a shining example during tough times.

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Partnership with Varthana

When Khagendra needed a school infrastructure loan, he received a suggestion from a friend to approach Varthana. Acting on this advice, he applied and secured the necessary funding. With the loan, Khagendra was able to enhance his school’s facilities, purchasing buses, setting up smart classrooms, and completing construction projects, which in turn increased the school’s seating capacity. Reflecting on his experience, Khagendra speaks fondly of his relationship with Varthana, expressing his desire for the bond to always remain “strong and positive”.


“I’ve always wanted to start a college, CBSE schools, and sports centers in my village to give our local students a brighter future,” Khagendra says with enthusiasm. He’s keen on providing more than just classroom lessons; he wants to include sports and other activities too. Simply put, Khagendra aims to provide every child a complete and affordable education, regardless of their background.

This school leader’s dedication and clear vision for his community’s future showcase the transformative power of education and its potential to change lives.


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