Following in His Father’s Footsteps, How This School Leader is Unleashing Potential in Kotdwar

Following in His Father’s Footsteps, How This School Leader is Unleashing Potential in Kotdwar

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JP Intermediate College, Kotdwar, Uttarakhand

Vivek Kukreti, JP Intermediate College, Kotdwar, Uttarakhand

Vivek Kukreti, a regular schoolboy from Kotdwar in the Pauri district, had an extraordinary vision growing up. He was deeply inspired by his father, who worked as a school principal at that time, and witnessed his compassion for underprivileged students, fair treatment of staff, and unwavering support for their personal and professional growth.

Vivek’s father started his first school in their locality with the aim of providing affordable education up to the secondary level. Motivated and eager to give it back to the society, Vivek started the mission to fulfill his father’s incomplete dream of opening a new school that would offer students more choices for further education in different streams. However, due to his father’s age and financial challenges, he couldn’t accomplish it during his time.

After completing his own education, Vivek devised a plan to bring his father’s vision to life. While working in the corporate sector, he diligently saved every penny, eventually accumulating a sum of 5 lakhs. With this amount, he purchased a small plot of land in his locality and laid the foundation for a two-room school in Kotdwar in 2011.

“Initially, JP inter-college offered only the Arts stream, and a modest batch of 50 students marked its humble beginnings,” Vivek shares his story, adding that he and his team were undeterred by the challenges, and poured their heart and soul into running the school for the next three years. “As the school gained momentum, we introduced the Science and Commerce streams, attracting well-qualified teachers who played a vital role in the tremendous success of the school. The student population grew exponentially, reaching 500 within a year,” he continues, reflecting on the factors that fueled the school’s progress. “And from that point on, there was no turning back.”

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Pandemic and the school

The school was running smoothly until the pandemic struck, forcing it to close for the next two academic sessions. The learning process suddenly came to a stop, and Vivek didn’t know what to do. But he found a way to keep the learning alive by organizing classes within the community.

It was during this challenging time that Vivek recognized the importance of technology and the need for proper planning. “That’s when we made the decision to equip our school with technology devices so we could continue teaching through online live-streaming classes,” Vivek adds.

Varthana’s support

“During the challenging times, Varthana extended their support by providing funds of 50 lakhs. With this financial aid, we built well-equipped classrooms for the Science and Commerce streams, contributing to the expansion of the school’s capacity by an additional 50 students. Additionally, Varthana also provided a K-Yan device, enabling our staff to deliver live classes to the students during the pandemic. This technology proved to be a valuable asset, ensuring that the learning process continued seamlessly despite the disruptions caused by the global health crisis,” Vivek shares.

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School achievements

Vivek’s school has excelled not only in academics but also in sports. It boasts of highly skilled coaches for boxing and archery, resulting in over a hundred students representing the school at the national level in these sports. Furthermore, in 2017, the school received the prestigious Inspiring Science Award, recognizing its outstanding contributions in the field of science.

Future vision

Vivek’s vision for the future includes equipping the school with innovative laboratories to enhance students’ practical knowledge of science. Additionally, he plans to construct new ICT rooms within the school, providing students with access to advanced technology and digital resources. These initiatives aim to create a conducive learning environment and foster the holistic development of students.

Today, JP Inter-College is a symbol of Vivek’s strength and his strong dedication to his father’s dream. It shines brightly in their community, providing education that is affordable and of great quality. Students have a variety of options to follow their aspirations. Vivek’s journey shows us the incredible power of passion, never giving up, and how one person can make a big difference in their community. His story inspires all of us to have big dreams, overcome challenges, and build a brighter future through education.