From Aspiring Government Teacher to School Owner: How a Visionary Man Realizes His Dreams

From Aspiring Government Teacher to School Owner: How a Visionary Man Realizes His Dreams

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Arya Darshan Public School, Gurgaon

Yash Pal, Arya Darshan Public School, Gurgaon

A bright student with a challenging start

Yash Pal is a man who has defied all odds and made a successful career in the education sector. Hailing from a family of educated parents, Yash showed promise as a bright student from a young age. He performed exceptionally well in his studies and initially aimed to pursue a career as a government teacher. However, his path veered in an unexpected direction.

He candidly shares, “Though I cleared the written exam, I was turned away during the interview—because I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, bribe the officials.” Disheartened, Yash and his family left their village and relocated to Noida in search of better opportunities. When he first found work in an iron factory, he knew he had more to offer.

Yash’s proficiency in math and English paved the way for a teaching position at a private school, dedicating four years of his life to it. This experience ignited a new dream. Empowered by deep-seated self-belief, he ventured into the world of school ownership, confidently stating, “I knew I had the capability to run a school.”

Today, that belief stands strong as Arya Darshan Public School and it continues to thrive.

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Building a school from scratch

Yash recollects, “I built my school from scratch as I firmly believe that with the right skills and creative thinking, anyone can achieve great success. Support, in my journey, came in three invaluable forms: physical, emotional, and financial. Everyone around me contributed in their unique way.” 

Yash continues with a reminiscent smile, “At the outset of the school, I personally tutored 150 students. This act not only laid the foundational bricks for the institution but also built trust with the parents in the community.”

Today, the institution stands tall with a dedicated team of 65 teachers and a thriving student body of 1800. With resolute determination, Yash declares, “Our future goal is to expand our enrollment to 2500 students.”

Varthana’s Support

In the beginning, the school faced daunting financial challenges. “That’s when Varthana came to our rescue,” reflects the school leader. “They looked beyond mere numbers and balance sheets; they recognized our dream and firmly believed in our vision. Consequently, they provided the financial backing we desperately needed to purchase land and construct our school building.” 

This strategic investment, as Yash points out, proved invaluable, especially during the unpredictable challenges posed by the pandemic. He elaborates, with a tone of mutual respect for the partnership, “We’ve been associated with Varthana for five years now, and during this time, we’ve witnessed a consistent rise in our student enrollment. I am amazed to see the strength and success of our collaboration.”

Pandemic challenges

Yash reveals, “The Covid-19 pandemic presented challenges for all of us. Nonetheless, our determination led us to maintain connections with parents and students by every means possible.” The school also initiated an awareness campaign to educate parents about the advantages of online learning and the potential disadvantages of missing online classes

“In the beginning,” he continues, ”we managed to reach only 35% of parents, but with time, that number increased.” Despite facing many hurdles during this phase, Yash’s school adhered to the belief that overcoming challenges leads to progress. He asserts, “We didn’t excessively worry about fees; our focus was to continue the education of all students, irrespective of whether they had paid. Some students did move temporarily to their native villages, but they came back once things settled down.”

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“The school offers classes up to the 12th grade,” says Yash, “and our teaching team consists of experienced teachers, each with 10 to 20 years of experience.” Upholding discipline and instilling moral values remain central to this school leader’s educational philosophy. He states, “Our goal is to achieve outstanding outcomes in higher classes, boasting a remarkable success rate of 95%.”

These guiding principles stem from lessons passed down by his parents. Sharing his future aspirations, he explains, “The school plans to acquire additional land for expansion and seeks CBSE recognition, all while leaning on the vital support from Varthana.”

Yash’s story stands as an inspiration for many, exemplifying that, in his words, “With hardwork and determination, anyone can overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.”


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