Subhash Singh: From Computer Coaching to School Founder

From computer coaching to founding his own school, this leader’s journey is one to look out for
Subhash Singh, SVS International School, Aurangabad, Uttar Pradesh

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Subhash Singh, SVS International School, Aurangabad, Uttar Pradesh
SVS International School


A school leader’s commitment to the growth of his students is unrivaled. They stand as a pillar, nurturing their future and thus fueling self-expression. Yet, in the world of school leadership, it’s rare to find individuals who truly prioritize their students’ well-being and prospects. Subhash Singh, who comes from the remote village of Mathura and was raised in a modest farming family, epitomizes such an exceptional case.

He faced an uphill battle in pursuing his school education, given his low financial means. Reminiscing about his early years, Subhash shares, “Every day, I would walk 4km to a government school, which was really tiresome and hard because there were no proper roads. That tested my resolve, as I managed studies while also taking care of my family’s agricultural work.” Yet, against these odds, his sheer determination and tenacity enabled him to graduate from high school with impressive academic achievements.

As he advanced in his study, the absence of colleges in his village forced him to relocate to Meerut. This set him on the way to pursue a there. During this time, Subhash claims to have observed a striking difference. “All my friends seemed far more aware about potential career paths and had clear aspirations,” he says, reflecting that this observation deeply impacted him and fueled his desire to bridge the information gap underprivileged children in his village faced.

Venturing into something bigger

After completing his education, he took up a teaching position at Rajiv Academy. However, within two years, his entrepreneurial instincts came to the fore. He launched a computer coaching center in his village. Reflecting on his success, he states, “I was able to adeptly mentor local students in new technology trends. With affordable fees, my student community expanded, giving me hope to venture into a bigger model.”

Motivated by the success of his coaching center, Subhash founded his own school. With resolute determination, he sourced funds from family, friends, and local lenders, transforming the coaching center into a comprehensive educational institution. His tireless approach and dedication to advancing education are best demonstrated by this clever shift.

Beginning of the School

In 2010, Subhash laid the foundation of SVS International School on his own land within his village. The initial year encountered no enrollment challenges due to his strong rapport with the parents in his community. “Since then, the school’s enrollment has surged, and we currently have 850 students,” he proclaims with pride.    

Before bringing any staff on board, Subhash makes sure they have the right teaching experience and have also cleared eligibility tests. This guiding principle ensures that his team maintains a consistent standard of expertise and qualification.

In his own words, he reflects on his journey saying, “Opening the school was not just about providing education; it was about building a brighter future for our village. We see each child as a seed and our school helps them grow.”

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COVID-19 challenges

When everything was running smoothly, an unforeseen wave of COVID-19 hit the nation, causing the school to close for two years. During this challenging time, Subhash displayed remarkable adaptability. 

Having smart insights, he launched a YouTube channel named SVS Smart Class and trained teachers how to conduct online classes. 

“This innovative approach allowed education to continue even during the lockdown,” he notes, adapting to the new circumstances. Additionally, he stood as a pillar of support for his staff by ensuring full salary payments, a gesture that significantly boosted their morale.

Varthana’s Support

For the school’s construction and infrastructure development, he used to get money from moneylenders at high rates of interest earlier. Varthana provided him funds with a much lower rate of interest. This assistance enabled him to build new school structures. He remarks, “We were able to transform into smart school models with the latest technology, infrastructure, and learning resources for students.”

“Varthana didn’t just finance our buildings; they funded our dreams”, he smiles and concludes.

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Features and achievements

The school and its teachers are committed to providing students with guidance and help as they prepare for competitive exams such as IIT/JEE, NEET, NDA, CLAT, among others.

Remarkably, more than five students from his school succeeded in clearing the IIT on their first attempt. This achievement speaks volumes about the institution’s capability in preparing students for such challenging exams.

Future vision

Subhash believes, “Early career guidance sets the stage for a successful journey ahead.” Consequently, he is keen on helping children identify their potential and interests early on, allowing them to become aware of their career paths as soon as primary school.

To implement this, his school is crafting various assessments and organizing olympiads as tools to evaluate students’ capabilities. Additionally, the school is channeling efforts into enhancing sports facilities, ensuring holistic development for all students.

“Through these initiatives, we aim to empower students not only academically but in every aspect of their growth,” he says proudly.

Subhash Singh’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing how determination, when paired with a clear vision, can shape a future against even the most challenging odds. His story underlines the impact of an individual’s dedication on the lives of countless students in Aurangabad, creating a legacy that echoes through generations to come.