From Tutor to School Owner: A Simple Journey Empowered by Effective Teaching Strategies

From Tutor to School Owner: A Simple Journey Empowered by Effective Teaching Strategies

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From Tutor to School Owner: A Simple Journey Empowered by Effective Teaching

Gulab Chand Sharma, Shree Vinayak Public School, Jaipur

What’s the secret to turning a small tuition center into a successful school? Gulab Chand Sharma, an inspiring educator who has transformed his humble tutoring business, shares how he is changing lives and communities in Andhi Village in Jaipur District. Gulab Chand’s creative teaching methods and a strong commitment to students show how an individual can impact education. Embarking on his journey from tutor to a school owner, we will trace his journey and find insightful lessons that have the potential for positive transformations in the community.  

The spark to open a school

Gulab Chand is from a middle-class family. He faced challenges but excelled in his studies and eventually discovered his love for teaching. Starting tutoring early, his effective methods caught parents’ attention. “Family support and encouragement from friends pushed me to open a school,” says the school leader. It was a brave move for the young man, given the established schools in the area. Hard work paid off when he enrolled over 230 students in the first year through word of mouth, outreach and his widely appreciated tutoring classes.

“My teaching style, making learning fun and interactive, played a big role in the school’s success,” Gulab Chand points out. 

Starting with 230 students, the school now has over 700, boasting a qualified teaching staff. Shree Vinayak Public School proves that creating a successful school is possible, even with youth and limited experience. Sharma advises, “If you’re passionate about education and work hard, anything is possible. Stay persistent and never give up on your dreams.”

From Tutor to School Owner: A Simple Journey

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Opportunities for the girls

Gulab Chand notes, “In the society I come from, prioritizing girls’ education isn’t common among parents.” He observed that those who did enroll their daughters typically withdrew them after the 8th or, at most, after the 10th grade. Additionally, there were no 11th and 12th-grade classes initially.

“Our school became the first in the area to introduce 11th and 12th grades,” he boastfully shares. Through persistent efforts and communication with parents, the visionary leader succeeded in persuading parents to allow their daughters to pursue higher education. Many of these girls went on to attend college and achieved success in their lives.

Despite prevailing beliefs against educating girls, a student from Shree Vinayak Public School, starting from the 7th grade, received a government award for creating a remote-operated door. This remarkable accomplishment inspired numerous students and parents, bringing pride to the school. Her story serves as inspiration and underscores the transformative power of education. “Students like her have the potential to change the world,” Gulab Chand proudly declares.

Reflecting on his success, Gulab Chand emphasizes, “Building relationships with my students and their families has been crucial.” He invests time in understanding each student individually, enabling him to grasp their needs and support them effectively.

Gulab Chand Sharma, Shree Vinayak Public School, Jaipur

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Studies during the pandemic

Shree Vinayak School initiated community classes to ensure continuous learning. Gulab Chand shares, “I opened fourteen community class centers to teach students in small groups. For those able to learn online, classes were conducted through various online platforms.”

He further claims, “Teachers’ hard work and commitment helped overcome the challenges many schools faced during the pandemic.”

While the primary focus wasn’t solely on fee collection, these efforts motivated parents to support the school, ensuring fees were paid promptly. Shree Vinayak School successfully minimized learning loss for its students, preventing dropouts, and even witnessing an increase in enrollment after schools reopened.

Varthana’s support

Having a big vision and a desire to bring positive change to society attracts the needed support. Gulab Chand reveals that the school’s early years were tough due to a lack of funds for building and essential student facilities.”I’m thankful to Varthana as they came to my aid at a crucial time. The funds were used to construct infrastructure, provide furniture for students, and bring digitalization to the school,” he assures.

“Varthana was always there, even during the tough times of COVID-19. They supported the school by providing funds for maintenance,” he adds. Varthana’s consistent help played a crucial role in the school’s growth.

Message from the visionary

As a forward-thinking school leader, Gulab Chand has always aimed to provide top-notch teaching and facilities for his students. In addition to offering Abacus, dance classes, and sports activities, he plans to introduce foundation classes for 11th and 12th graders. He also aims to start a handwriting improvement class and has initiated a games academy to support students in state and national competitions.

“I want to appeal to parents to understand their children and provide the necessary support,” Gulab Chand emphasizes. He suggested that instead of enrolling them in expensive schools with fees in the lakhs, parents should consider the well-being of their children. “I’ve witnessed students facing depression and taking inappropriate actions; this can only be prevented if parents start understanding their kids.” Gulab Chand believes that parental understanding is key to a student’s mental and emotional well-being.