How A Social Activist Became A School Leader To Improve Rajasthan’s Future

How A Social Activist Became A School Leader To Improve Rajasthan’s Future

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How A Social Activist Became A School Leader

Shyam Sharma, Proton Academy Senior Secondary School, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Engaged in various social activities, Shyam Sharma grasped the pivotal role of education in addressing societal challenges. He firmly held the conviction that education serves as a powerful agent for catalyzing meaningful transformation at the grassroots level. Reflecting on this belief, he remarks, “Education possesses the potential to reshape our society, steering it towards a path of prosperity and growth.” With a relentless dedication to this vision, he established Proton Academy Senior Secondary School in Chomu Village, Jaipur, in 2017, driven by the desire to empower young minds and positively influence their future.

A Humble Beginning With Remarkable Growth

In its first year, Proton Academy attracted 700 eager students, marking the beginning of its success story. Reflecting on those early days, Sharma notes, “Our initial success set the stage for years of growth.” Over time, the school’s reputation grew, and its impact expanded, now boasting an enrollment of 1000 students and a team of 32 dedicated teachers.

Chomu village, situated in Jaipur district, had long struggled with a lack of quality education. Existing schools failed to provide the blend of academic excellence and values the community desired. Sharma explains, “Many students had to travel long distances of 40 to 300 kilometers to access quality education.” For farming families, this meant not only high fees but also additional expenses for lodging, often leading to debt.

The establishment of Proton Academy transformed the situation. Sharma continues, “Parents no longer had to send their children far away for education.” The village now had an institution matching city schools’ educational standards.

Asserting the school’s commitment, Sharma states, “We recruit top teachers from Jaipur and pay them generously, a rarity in rural areas.” Despite financial challenges, Proton Academy prioritized quality education over profits.

Emphasizing their ethos, Sharma says, “Since day one, we’ve prioritized affordable fees and never compromised on quality education.”

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Nurturing Education Amidst Challenges

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions faced unprecedented challenges, but Proton Academy adapted swiftly. Describing their response, Sharma said, “An innovative app was developed, enabling the school to conduct audio-visual classes.” Through this platform, education persisted, ensuring students’ learning journeys remained uninterrupted, highlighting the school’s commitment to providing quality education in any circumstance.

How A Social Activist Became A School Leader To Improve

Celebrating Triumphs and Achievements

Proton Academy’s dedication to quality education paid off with impressive achievements. Students excelled in exams like NEET, IIT, and NDA, earning spots in prestigious universities. Sharing his thoughts, Sharma states, “I feel fulfilled when students achieve success.” Enrolling in renowned institutions like AIIMS, these students brought honor to their families and the academy. Emphasizing the significance, Sharma adds, “Every student’s achievement is noteworthy.”

Partnering for Growth: The Role of Varthana 

During the journey of building Proton Academy, a significant partnership was established with Varthana. Recommended by an executive, Varthana’s offerings aligned with Sharma’s vision. Expressing his decision, Sharma continues, “I was attracted to certain schemes, and I opted to collaborate with Varthana for school development.” This partnership, still in its early stages, holds the potential to contribute to the academy’s growth and further enhance its impact on the community. Highlighting the potential, Sharma adds, “This partnership holds promise for our academy’s future.”

A Vision Beyond Boundaries

Proton Academy’s vision extends beyond the present to a future enriched with knowledge and skill development. Sharma shares, “Currently, we offer education from nursery to 10th grade, our academy also provides 11th and 12th-grade science streams.” The institution actively participates in Indian government skill development projects, leading various programs in the village. Sharma adds, “Looking ahead, the school aims to establish a college that builds on its foundation of quality education.”

In a landscape where institutions often allocate significant funds for infrastructure development, Proton Academy stands out. He notes, “Our institution primarily invests its funds in enhancing educational quality and experiential learning. Discipline and values continue to be paramount in the academy’s ethos.”

The story of Proton Academy Senior Secondary School is not just about opening a school; it’s about igniting a spark of education that transcends boundaries and transforms lives. Sharma’s commitment to providing quality education to Chomu Village serves as a source of strength, guiding countless young minds toward success.

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