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How an Inspirational School Leader Achieved Educational Excellence in Dehradun

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Sunshine School, Dehradun

Jaideep Bijalwan, Sunshine School, Dehradun

Equipping children with a modern education remains a big challenge in rural areas, despite the government’s efforts to make it accessible to all. However, certain obstacles prevent them from achieving this goal. Jaideep Bijalwan faced the same problem during his own schooling. He often pondered over questions like, “Why do we have fewer teachers?” “Why aren’t there more opportunities to choose different subjects and streams?” “Why is there no dedicated time for games and extracurricular activities?” “Why is our school lacking proper infrastructure?” “Why do we struggle with English?” It was this time he recognized that high-quality education could transform lives and shape a brighter future for children, including himself.

These thoughts lingered on his mind for a long time. Eventually, he moved to his hometown of Dehradun for higher education, pursuing a postgraduate and B.Ed. from DAV PG College. Later, he secured a government job in the education department of Himachal Pradesh. However, he encountered the same issues he had contemplated during his own school days. It was then that he made a decision to create a platform for students that would address these challenges. He resolved to open a school in his native village.

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Commencement of School

With a piece of land he owned, Jaideep began with just two rooms and launched a campaign in the village. Throughout his campaign, he emphasized the importance of good infrastructure and innovation in education. He highlighted the value of games in improving learning, the significance of English for higher employment opportunities, and the impact of quality teachers and a diverse range of subjects on a student’s life. As a result of his dedicated efforts, the school received 89 admissions in its first year, up to the 5th standard in 2001.

The school’s enrollment steadily grew to 700 students within the next few years.

Till date, Jaideep’s primary focus lies in extracurricular activities and involving parents in the school through various campaigns. He ensures the provision of exceptional teachers who prioritize the personal growth of each student. 

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Pandemic and Varthana’s support

Like many schools, Jaideep faced the challenge of continuing the learning process for his students during the post-pandemic period. He was uncertain about where to start and how to ensure continuous education. It was at this crucial moment that Varthana stepped in to support the school. They provided assistance in delivering education through both offline and online modes. Additionally, Varthana extended a fund of 10 lakhs to help Jaideep build quality infrastructure in the school. This aid played a vital role in the school’s recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

Prior to receiving the loan, the school’s student strength was 450. With Varthana’s help, the school’s strength has now increased to 700, adding 250 more students to the school community.

Expressing his gratitude to Varthana, Jaideep adds, “From academic support to financial assistance, Varthana has always stood by me, supporting me in achieving my dream.”

Future vision 

The school consistently prioritizes the delivery of quality education and encourages sports activities year after year. As a testament to their efforts, two students from the college have been selected to participate in district-level badminton tournaments, made possible by the presence of a badminton court on the school premises. Looking ahead, the school leader envisions promoting a strong sports culture within the institution, aiming to empower students to excel at the national level and proudly represent their school.


This inspiring journey of Jaideep Bijalwan highlights the positive impact education can have on individuals and communities. Through dedication and a commitment to providing quality education, the school leader has created a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and pursue their passions in sports. With a clear vision for the future, the school aims to continue fostering a holistic educational experience that not only nurtures academic excellence but also encourages sporting achievements, enabling students to reach new heights and proudly represent their school on a national stage.


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