Innovating Education in Rural Kurukshetra: The Success Story of Balvinder Singh as an Education Leader

Innovating Education in Rural Kurukshetra: The Success Story of Balvinder Singh as an Education Leader

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KD Convent School, Kurukshetra, Haryana

Balvinder Singh, KD Convent School, Kurukshetra, Haryana


This is the story of Balvinder Singh, a native hailing from the humble farming background of Ameen village in Kurukshetra. Growing up in a place where quality education was not easily accessible, Balvinder’s unshakeable personality has been the driving force behind his successful journey. From an early age, he harbored a deep thirst for learning, a passion that compelled him to overcome obstacles and complete his studies in English and History honors. Fuelled by a dream of teaching, he started on a path that would change his life forever.


Balvinder began teaching, working at a school to gain experience and a deep understanding of how schools are run. Six years into this role, he had honed his teaching skills to a specialized level. He recalls a moment from 2004 that completely changed his life. “One day, on my way back to the village, I couldn’t help but notice many children carrying heavy school bags during their commute. Intrigued, I spoke to one of the children and learned that they traveled a long distance of 8 km from their village just to attend school,” he claims.

“I was both surprised and inspired. It became abundantly clear to me that these children needed a school closer to their community. Thus in 2005, KD Convent School was born. By 2006, we welcomed the first batch of students from Ameen village, marking the beginning of a transformative educational journey,” the school leader fondly reflects on those early days, overwhelmed by the positive response and the impact their efforts have since been making in the lives of these eager young learners.

Balvinder Singh, KD Convent School, Kurukshetra, Haryana


Balvinder brims with pride as he reflects on the school’s growth over the years. “When I started the school in 2005, it was just a three-room building, and now we have two huge floors that can easily accommodate up to 600 students, along with transportation facilities,” he joyfully shares.

For him, the most significant achievement was when the school received government affiliation. This was valuable for their school because the majority of their students come from lower-middle-class families, and being able to provide quality English-medium education at an affordable cost was a huge accomplishment. Balvinder proudly declares, “Our school fees are three times lower compared to other private schools.”

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Experience with Varthana

“In 2018, we were in desperate need for a loan to enhance our school infrastructure and accommodate more students,” Balvinder says, his voice filled with gratitude. “Fortunately, I came across Varthana and decided to apply for a loan.”

“Ever since then, whenever we find ourselves in need of support, Varthana has consistently stood by our side,” his face lights up. He continues, “Varthana has provided us with complete cooperation and support during the critical covid period.” 

“The school’s initial enrollment was around 300 in 2017, but with the upgraded infrastructure and additional facilities, the enrollment has grown to 450.”

School during Covid

“Our school had to quickly transition to remote learning to keep up with Covid norms. The situation posed several challenges, including a lack of technology access for some students, inadequate teacher training, and difficulties in maintaining student engagement and motivation,” Balvinder remembers the tough times. “It was a difficult period for everyone in the education sector,” he adds.

“We faced financial difficulties due to a drop in enrollment, and many parents couldn’t pay the fees. This meant we couldn’t invest in new technology and equipment for remote learning. Due to the unstable economic situation, nearly 60 students had to leave our school and enroll in a government school. We even offered a fee concession to students for three months to reduce school dropouts,” he shares.

KD Convent School reopened after Covid and adopted flexible learning methods that suit each student’s needs. This includes opportunities for project-based, blended and personalized learning. Additional coaching and counseling sessions were arranged to address individual students, and an action plan based on their feedback was developed.

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“Our primary aim for the school is to attain CBSE accreditation and provide a comprehensive curriculum that prepares our students for higher education and future careers,” Balvinder asserts. He concludes by stating, “The students who graduate from our school will serve as an inspiration for the entire Kurukshetra community, encouraging them to always dream big.”