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Great Place to Work certified for fifth consecutive years

Quest Global GPTW Certified

Transform education with us

The Varthana team is driven by a powerful vision, clear values, positive work culture & strong leadership, all of which have enabled us to achieve remarkable growth as a pioneer in our industry. We firmly believe that talented, highly motivated and satisfied employees are the key to our success.  How do we know if our team is satisfied? Our employees have said so! And this has been validated by The Great Place to Work® Institute, the global authority on high-trust and high-performance workplace cultures.

Varthana continues its streak of excellence, earning recognition as one of India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces for the fifth year in a row!

Based on feedback from employees through a comprehensive, anonymous survey, the institute certified Varthana as a Great Place to Work®. The results underscored Varthana’s excellence in several specific areas. Compared with employees of other companies, Varthana employees are much more likely to feel as though they have been treated fairly and respectfully, they are much more likely to have a strong sense of pride in their work, and they appeals to you, and you are passionate about using your talent to make the world a better place, we invite you to join the Varthana team!

Why you'll love working with us

Larger Impact

Larger Impact

The work we do directly impacts low income communities of India. Our comprehensive support to schools enabling high-quality education is easily accessible and affordable.

Special Work Place

A special place to Work

Our employees for the second year in a row have declared us as a Great Place to Work. Making it a special place with highly pleased and inspired employees.

Career Growth

Career Growth

Clear defined individual and team level goals. Fair and equal opportunity for everyone to learn and grow along with the company.

Why should you join us?

Flexible Working

Flexible working schedule

A proper work-life balance is a must for an employee to perform at a high level all the time. Our 5-day work and Flexi Timing Policies enable employees to be productive and proficient at work and at the same time be committed to their family and friends during off days.

Attractive rewards and recognition

Our rewards and recognition systems celebrate victories and ensure that the credit is passed to employees for their hard work and achievement in the form of monetary and non-monetary rewards. Our uncapped sales reward policy is the best in the industry.
Benefit Plan

Customized benefits plan

We offer customized benefits to employees as per your need to protect yourself and your family during an unprecedented situation that may arise. The bouquet of benefit plans includes insurance benefits, health care, wellness plans, upskilling, education support, financial support, and benefits exclusive for women employees.
Learning Growth

Learning & growth

Learning opportunities at work, continuous coaching from managers, mentoring from leaders, and specialized and technology-based learning methods enable employees to grow in their careers and to make advancements in their personal life. Internal career opportunities, job rotations, and innovation forums are hallmarks of our learning culture.
Open Environment

Open environment

Cabin-free offices, open and non-hierarchical workspace to promote equality, and to encourage comfortable dialogue between staff. We follow a culture of Trust, Transparency Fairness, and Respect in our everyday life.

Employee stories


Our core values #RUSH guide how we work

Intergity and Ethics

Do the Right Thing

Integrity and Ethics. Doing the right thing without cutting corners and being honest and transparent at work at all times.

Unlock Potential

Unlock Potential

We believe every individual has immense potential and we at Varthana always strive to provide opportunities for unlocking potential of an employee for better growth.

Serve Others

Serve Others

A sense of service that goes beyond job role, description and functional area. Helping and supporting each other at work.

Fun Activity

Have Fun

To love work and to love challenges that come at the workplace. Also, to celebrate victories and achievements of your co-workers and company.


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Search and apply for open positions that match your skills and interest. Come join our Varthana Team to transform education with us. You have an opportunity to create long-term impact and change in the world.