Not Just Chasing Profits: Chattisgarh Businessman Starts A School For A Cause

Not Just Chasing Profits: Chattisgarh Businessman Starts A School For A Cause

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Not Just Chasing Profits: Chattisgarh Businessman Starts A School

Yugal Kishor Dewangan, Bharat Public Higher Secondary School, Chhattisgarh

As Nelson Mandela wisely said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Yugal Kishor Dewangan’s life resonates deeply with this quote. After nearly a decade in the business world, Yugal found his true calling in education.

The journey began in 1993 when he started a small electronics business in Simga, a small town in Chhattisgarh. Over time, his venture grew into a successful enterprise. Yet, despite his achievements, a sense of unease lingered within him.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful,” Yugal reflects.

His story isn’t just about starting a school; it’s about a profound shift in perspective and a never-ending commitment to making a difference through education.

One Conversation That Gave A Purpose 

One casual evening, Yugal was with his friends when the topic of dissatisfaction with work was brought up. His friend suggested considering a field benefiting people in the long run, not just focusing on profits. “Their words resonated deeply within me. I wanted to make a lasting impact,” Yugal reflects. This encouragement prompted Yugal to analyze the quality of education in government schools. “Their support helped me take the first step,” he affirms.

Motivated by a vision to bring quality education closer to children in his community, Yugal established Bharat Public School. “I had a vision to bring quality education closer to the children in my community,” he says enthusiastically.

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Bharat Public Higher Secondary School, Chhattisgarh

Overcoming Challenges

Starting a school from scratch is tough. Yugal wanted to keep fees low so all parents could afford quality education. But as expenses rose, he had to adjust fees to keep the school running. “It was hard, but I never gave up supporting students and their families with fees,” Yugal says.

Another big challenge was space. The rented property couldn’t offer essential facilities like proper classrooms or a sports field. Yugal knew the school needed its own place to give students what they deserved. “I was determined to find a solution and provide our students a better place to learn,” Yugal adds, showing his strong resolve.

Not Just Chasing Profits: Chattisgarh Businessman Starts A School

Education Beyond The Classroom

Yugal’s commitment goes beyond traditional education. He understands the importance of preparing students for the future world, not just exams. He says, “I’ve offered free computer classes for students from 1st to 10th grade.” Additionally, he stresses moral education in today’s self-centered world.

“We aim to nurture well-rounded individuals, not just educate,” Yugal emphasizes, highlighting his holistic approach.

A Gesture That Was Touching

One day, a chance encounter deeply touched Yugal. He recalls, “A former student approached, touched my feet, recalling our shared school history.” This moment affirmed his mission’s importance.

“The impact extends beyond academics,” reflects Yugal emotionally as he highlights his broader goal by saying, “It’s about molding responsible, compassionate individuals.”

United For A Common Cause

Recognizing the importance of working together, Yugal started talking with other leaders of private schools in Balodabazar and Simga. They shared their experiences, exchanged ideas, and planned solutions to improve education quality in their area.

“We must bridge the gap and ensure every child has access to quality education. Private schools are a significant part of this equation,” he emphasizes, stressing the need for equality.

Yugal is passionate about the need for equality in education. He understands that while government schools play a crucial role, private schools are an integral part of the educational landscape in India.

“We’re stronger together,” Yugal affirms, emphasizing the power of collaboration in addressing educational challenges.

School’s Representation

Over the years, Yugal’s dedication and efforts have led Bharat Public Higher Secondary School to excel in various sports and academic achievements at the state level. They’ve prepared students for further opportunities, including admission to Army Public School and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.

“We strive to provide holistic development opportunities for our students,” Yugal emphasizes, highlighting the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Yugal’s efforts have brought recognition to Bharat Public Higher Secondary School. “We aim to empower students to reach their full potential,” he affirms, underscoring the school’s dedication to student success.

Pandemic Resilience

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Yugal and his team encountered significant challenges. Faced with non-payment of school fees and government restrictions, they had to sell school assets and personal land to sustain educational activities. Despite the hurdles, they persevered, ensuring learning continued amid adversity.

“We faced tough times but remained committed to our students’ education,” Yugal reflects, emphasizing their dedication to providing uninterrupted learning opportunities.

Yugal and his team’s resilience during the pandemic set Bharat Public Higher Secondary School apart from many other private schools. “We had to make sacrifices, but our priority was always our students’ well-being,” he states, highlighting their unwavering commitment to the school’s mission.

Keeping Up With The Parent’s Trust

Yugal values rural parents’ trust in private schools, recognizing their importance despite government options. He believes in their choice, which is pivotal for his school’s success.

“Rural parents’ trust in private schools is fundamental,” Yugal affirms. “Their faith in us drives our school’s thriving environment.”

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Varthana As A Helping Partner 

Throughout Yugal’s journey, Varthana played a significant role. Traditional banks turned a blind eye, but Varthana stepped up to offer a helping hand. Their timely financial assistance facilitated the school’s infrastructure development, fostering a conducive learning environment.

“Varthana’s support has been invaluable in building our school,” expresses Yugal gratefully. “Their assistance has made a significant difference, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to Varthana for their dedication and support.”

“Varthana’s commitment to education is commendable,” reflects Yugal. “Their partnership has empowered us to create a better future for our students, and we are immensely grateful for their continued support.”

Future Of A Holistic Space

Yugal dreams of a school where students can learn freely, with ample space to grow. “I envision spacious classrooms and a sprawling sports field,” he says, his eyes gleaming with determination. “Our school will offer state-of-the-art facilities, creating an environment that nurtures holistic development.”

In Yugal’s vision, education is the key to change. His journey from running an electronics business to becoming an educational visionary showcases the profound impact of belief in education. “I want our school to be a place where students can explore their talents and passions,” he emphasizes. “It’s about providing them with exceptional opportunities and endless possibilities.”

Yugal’s story serves as an inspiring example, showing the transformative power of dedication and partnership in shaping futures and changing lives.