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One Man’s Dream Unfolds as a Cultural Hub Embraces Modern Education in Chhattisgarh

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One Man's Dream Unfolds as a Cultural Hub Embraces Modern Education in Chhattisgarh

Parmeshwari Das Manikpuri, NDBA Higher Secondary School, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

NDBA Higher Secondary School, situated in the rural area of Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, was founded in 2007 to provide education to every child, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or status. Parmeshwari Das Manikpuri, the school leader, faced numerous initial challenges, from insufficient infrastructure to financial difficulties. Yet, with the support of his team and the community, he overcame these hurdles, expanding the school to a higher secondary level. Looking back on his journey, he says, “Our struggles have shaped our story, demonstrating resilience and community strength.” However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges, impacting student enrollment and learning outcomes. 

Background And The Idea To Start The School 

Parmeshwari faced educational struggles in his childhood, recognizing its transformative power. He strongly believed in universal access to education in the 21st century, transcending caste, creed, religion, or status. During his post-graduation, he grappled with securing a permanent job and, driven by a profound desire to contribute to society, he chose self-reliance. He shares, “Education has the potential to change lives, and everyone should have that opportunity.” With a deep-rooted commitment, he established NDBA Higher Secondary School, aiming to support rural education.  

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School’s Initial Struggles

Every educational institution requires infrastructure, and this school encountered the same challenge. Initially, the school operated from a rented property, posing financial challenges Parmeshwari states, “Sustaining the school was tough, but with the support of the school committee, family, and friends, we persevered.” Over time, the school expanded to a higher secondary level, and by 2011, they proudly owned the entire building.

Education During COVID-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant financial challenges for schools across India. In March 2020, just before exams, the country went into lockdown, causing a substantial drop in the school’s revenue. Parmeshwari believes, “This hit was especially tough for affordable private schools like us in rural areas, heavily dependent on fees collected during exams.”

The government’s order for readmission without Transfer Certificates created additional challenges. While helping students switch schools easily, it posed difficulties for private schools. Parmeshwari adds, “The readmission order created a new set of challenges, with many students joining government schools without paying fees for a year or more.” 

Despite these hurdles, Parmeshwari and his team dedicated themselves to sustaining the school. The student count, which was over 450 before the pandemic, dropped by more than half due to Covid-19. Parmeshwari remarks, “Maintaining the school during this time required immense effort and determination.”

To address the pandemic’s impact, the school initiated online classes and activities. The school leader emphasizes, “We trained our teachers for online learning and created online platforms for homework submission.” However, he acknowledges, “Classroom teaching still needed improvement to bridge the learning gap caused by the pandemic.”

NDBA Higher Secondary School, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh

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Relationship with Varthana

In 2018, Parmeshwari acquired a Kyan projector from Varthana. The following year, with the need for a new classroom and furniture, he turned to Varthana for a loan, which was efficiently processed and disbursed without delays.

Highlighting the impact of Varthana’s support during the lockdown, Parmeshwari expresses, “Varthana not only helped us build extra classrooms but also provided free worksheets, ensuring continuous learning during the pandemic.” He adds, “Their assistance has played a crucial role in our increased enrollment.”

School’s Achievements

The NDBA Higher Secondary School has achieved significant milestones in its journey. With a fully-owned building, transportation facilities, and well-maintained classrooms, the school ensures quality education in hygienic conditions, crucial during the current pandemic.

A proud Parmeshwari shares, “Our commitment to providing quality education is evident in our well-equipped facilities.” The teachers go beyond academics, conducting motivational classes to prepare students for the competitive outside world. He states, “Our annual function serves to boost students’ morale and confidence, contributing to their overall development.”


Currently, the NDBA Higher Secondary School is focused on stabilizing its post-pandemic situation. Parmeshwari says, “We’re committed to having strategies like attracting new students, increasing admissions, bridging the learning gap, and keeping our teachers updated. It’s our dedication to creating a positive learning environment.”The school prioritizes the well-being of its teachers, both physically and mentally, staying prepared for any further COVID situations.

Despite challenges, the school’s reputation in the community has grown, and Parmeshwari hopes, “Our efforts, along with support from organizations like Varthana, will contribute to the school’s continued growth and prosperity in the years to come.”The school continually strives to improve and is working towards creating a better future for its students.


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