One School Leader in Haryana Powering Up a Community through Education

One School Leader in Haryana Powering Up a Community through Education

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B.D.N SR. SEC. School, Bhakra, Haryana

Poonam Chand, B.D.N SR. SEC. School, Bhakra, Haryana


This story is about a passionate teacher who was determined to make a difference in the lives of children in his village who were unable to attend school. Despite facing many obstacles, Poonam Chand’s determination to teach his students never diminished, even while pursuing his own education. His commitment to his students is a true example of never giving up on your aspirations, regardless of the situation. 

Poonam diligently overcame all hurdles and ran the school for seven years on rent before being able to purchase the site and build the classrooms. After many years of hardwork and perseverance, the school has become his pride and joy. Today his son also works as a teacher at the same school. His face beams with tears of joy as he sees how his hardwork has paid off.

 B.D.N SR. SEC. School, Bhakra, Haryana

About the School

BDN School is located in a rural part of Haryana’s Bhiwani district. It was established in 2003 and provides education from grades 1 through 10, with Hindi as the medium of instruction. The school boasts all modern amenities, including a large campus with nine well-kept classrooms, two non-teaching rooms, a separate room for the headmaster/teacher, and a pucca wall surrounding the entire building. The school also has a playground, a library with 1005 books and six functional computers for teaching and learning.

“In today’s time, there are many schools, but very few provide quality education. We mainly built this school to give hope to children who have big dreams for their future. People in our society do not send their children to school, but due to our continuous efforts, the level of education in our area has seen an improvement. Our efforts have helped change society and instill a desire for education,” Poonam says with pride.

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Milestone Achieved

Education Status Improvement: “Our school has encountered difficulties getting community support for enrolling children. We have been motivating parents for over 20 years, and the results of all the hardwork is now visible,” Poonam claims. The establishment of the school, he says, has substantially improved the community’s education situation as more and more parents are ready to send their children to our school. As a result, Haryana’s literacy rate has grown, and Poonam attributes this success to the community’s faith in them.

Student Achievement: BDN School prioritizes quality of education by having one dedicated teacher for each student’s overall development. Despite the barriers posed by students from lower-income families and uneducated parents, the school has still managed to achieve significant success. It is ranked among the top ten positions in Haryana, and students from the Bhiwani district have secured 6h and 8th in the 10th board exams. “Many alumni who’ve passed out with flying colors are now employed in both government and private sectors,” the school leader shares.

Moral Education: “What makes our school different from others is that we place more emphasis on moral education rather than simply nurturing English speaking skills to complete the curriculum. This instills and promotes values in our students, and helps them understand terms like ethics, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and respect. We implemented this through various lesson plans, discussions, role-playing, and community services,” Poonam assures. “The main goal is to develop strategies that can aid in shaping an individual’s internal core values to build a positive social ethical model in our society.” This way, we will be able to carve a better future for our Young India,” he continues explaining.

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Experience with Varthana 

“Even though we had our own land, we needed a large amount of money to construct the school building in order to accommodate more students. One representative from Varthana visited our school and informed us about the possibility of securing a loan, which would provide us with much-needed financial assistance. He explained the relevant documentation and walked us through the loan process with remarkable clarity. Surprisingly, the loan was approved quickly, thanks to Varthana’s simplified procedures. The entire experience was a revelation, eliminating any preconceived assumptions about the difficult nature of obtaining loans,” Poonam explains with a calm voice.


This story depicts how one person can be a changemaker for the entire community by taking responsibility to build a school for the underprivileged. This was made possible by the persistent hardwork and determination of teachers who made it possible for children to live their dream of attending school, which would otherwise be unthinkable. The school has achieved significant milestones such as raising the educational level of the community and encouraging students in reaching their full potential while adhering to moral principles. Poonam’s leadership symbolizes an expression of pride for the entire community as well as the teachers who’ve put their energy into creating it. This story inspires us to never give up on our dreams and to make an effort to make the world a better place tomorrow.