One School Leader Is Providing Quality Education & Best Facilities At Affordable Fees In Wardha

One School Leader Is Providing Quality Education & Best Facilities At Affordable Fees In Wardha

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Yashodeep Convent School, Wardha, Maharashtra

Atul Ruikar, Yashodeep Convent School, Wardha, Maharashtra

Inspiration behind starting the school

Growing up in a middle-class family with financial challenges is a struggle that many families in our country face. However, Atul Ruikar had a dream to make a meaningful impact on his family and community. After completing his M.A. in economics and sociology, as well as his B.Ed, he started on a journey to find teaching jobs. After visiting numerous schools, he finally secured a teaching position at a Junior college. However, the passing rate at the college was dishearteningly low, standing at only 29%.

Atul recalls, “In the first year, through collaborative efforts with my fellow staff members, we managed to increase the passing rate from 29% to 54%.” Despite these achievements, the school management stopped paying salaries to the staff for a prolonged period of four to five years, leaving the teachers dependent on their families for income.”

Faced with these challenging circumstances, Atul felt compelled to start his own coaching center. While continuing to teach at the college, he established his first coaching center, which gradually expanded to three centers in different areas of the city of Wardha.

The reputation of providing quality education at these coaching centers inspired Atul to take the next step and establish his own school.

Atul Ruikar, Yashodeep Convent School, Wardha, Maharashtra

Initial days

Within a few short years, Atul accomplished something remarkable – he enrolled over 250 students in his coaching center, all because of his commitment to providing quality education in Wardha. This significant achievement served as the catalyst for him to realize his dream of establishing his own school. With great pride, he shares, “In 2002, I took the bold step of starting my own school. In the inaugural year, we had only 14 admissions. However, year after year, the number increased, and now our school boasts a strength of over 650 students.”

Atul attributes this success to the twin pillars of quality education and a strong sense of social responsibility.

It is these factors that have instilled trust and faith in the hearts of parents. Moreover, the facilities he provides to the children surpass the expectations associated with private schools, all at an affordable fee structure that defies conventional norms.

Safety, technology-based learning, and hygiene

Atul always believed in providing the best for his students. He understood that investing in facilities and ensuring timely salaries for his staff was crucial. To prioritize the safety of his students, he constructed a three-story building equipped with 40 cameras, ensuring continuous monitoring. In addition to the staff members, students mark their attendance through a biometric machine. Live tracking and cameras installed in every vehicle further enhance security measures.

To foster technology-based learning, Atul’s school boasts well-equipped computer labs with an abundance of monitors, movable projectors, and LED projectors. The integration of a software application has revolutionized the learning experience for students and teachers alike. This application enables seamless communication, homework submissions, assessments, and much more. Notably, it even notifies students on special occasions, such as birthdays, showering them with well wishes. These state-of-the-art facilities, all offered at affordable fees, have become a significant draw for parents seeking the best educational experience for their children.

By investing in modern infrastructure and leveraging technology, Atul has created a school that truly understands the needs and aspirations of both students and parents.

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Navigating through the pandemic

Even during the pandemic, Yashodeep Convent School emerged as a shining example of adaptability and resilience. Atul and his teachers continued to come to the school premises, ensuring all safety measures and precautions were strictly followed. They went above and beyond, equipping themselves with the necessary tools for online education. From collar mics for clear audio to high-quality devices for enhanced visibility and a robust internet connection, no effort was spared to ensure uninterrupted learning for their students

When in-person classes resumed, the school took proactive steps to address any learning gaps that might have arisen during the pandemic. Each student was provided with a personalized bridge course workbook, designed to bridge the gap between their previous learning and the current curriculum. Additionally, teachers underwent extra training to address individual student needs effectively. To maximize learning opportunities, unnecessary activities were streamlined, allowing ample time to cover the learning loss effectively. As a result, students began to regain their academic momentum.

Throughout this challenging period, Atul prioritized the safety and welfare of his staff members and leveraged various platforms, such as WhatsApp, to deliver content and unlock educational resources provided by Varthana.

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Varthana’s partnership for growth

Yashodeep School’s remarkable journey of expansion would not have been possible without the valuable support of Varthana. The school leader shares, “Varthana played a pivotal role in our growth. We secured a loan from Varthana, which enabled us to construct our new building. Additionally, Varthana provided us with academic digital resources that kept our students actively engaged in learning even during the lockdown.”

This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and the positive impact it can have on students’ education.

Shaping the future 

Atul constantly strives to bring in new resources that benefit all stakeholders within the school community. In the days to come, he has exciting plans to introduce a range of sports activities, including swimming, running, and archery, to encourage students’ participation. These opportunities are rare to find in neighboring schools, setting Yashodeep School apart as a hub for holistic development.

Moreover, his focus lies in increasing student enrollments, ensuring that more students have access to a high-quality education supported by cutting-edge technology. Looking ahead, he wants to construct a hostel to accommodate students from outlying areas who wish to join the school. This expansion will further broaden the reach of quality education, providing equal opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds.

The story of Atul’s school is not just about numbers; it is about a commitment to excellence and a belief in the transformative power of education. It serves as an inspiration to schools and educators everywhere. Despite the odds, they demonstrated that with the right mindset, innovation, and a deep sense of commitment, even the most challenging times can be overcome. The success of Yashodeep School during the pandemic exemplifies the spirit of the entire education community, working tirelessly to ensure that no student is left behind.


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