School Leader Analyzes Data to Spark Children’s Ambitions on a Global Scale

School Leader Analyzes Data to Spark Children’s Ambitions on a Global Scale

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Global English School, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur

Nanadraj Raghunath Pawar, Global English School, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur


Nanadraj Raghunath Pawar’s story teaches us that hard work can lead to success, even when life is tough. Even though he faced challenges like drought and grew up in a lower-middle-class family, Nanadraj’s father always reiterated the importance of school and education in life. 

Nanadraj worked hard to finish his education and later became a sports instructor, making a positive impact in the education field.

Nanadraj Raghunath Pawar, Global English School, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur


Growing up, Nanadraj spent time with friends from well-off families, which inspired his desire to improve his economic standing. But he didn’t just want to help himself; he wanted to help others too.

He strongly believed that education was the key to transforming lives, which motivated him to start his own school.  His role as a sports instructor, though empowering, limited the scope of his innovative ideas due to lack of authority in his job. Undeterred, he took the bold step to become an entrepreneur, founding a school where he could fully manifest his visionary ideas.

He looked at how other good schools worked and learned from their owners. Some of these school owners, like him, studied a Bachelor of Physical Education (B.Ped). Nanadraj shares, 

“It’s truly inspiring to have role models that drive us toward our aspirations. I have learnt from the best.”

How the School Started

Starting a school was a tough journey for Nanadraj. In 2003, he set up an educational trust, but  was struggling with inadequate funds and was actively searching for investors to support his school. Fortunately, in 2008, four friends came forward to invest in LKG and UKG classes.

Things didn’t go as planned. Only seven students enrolled in the first year, causing Nanadraj’s friends to lose hope and pull out. Instead of giving up, the school leader chose to see it as an opportunity to learn and reflect on the challenges. He spent hours analyzing the data and tried to figure out what went wrong. He thought a lot about the school’s location and realized it might not have been the best choice because they hadn’t considered the socio-economic status of the parents living in that area. Armed with this insight, he identified a more suitable location and launched a new school. Since money was tight, Nanadraj had to maintain a job, so his wife stepped in to manage the school’s operations. Five years later, the school’s enrollment stabilized, allowing Nanadraj to devote himself entirely to the institution.

Thinking about those days, he states, “My determination and my wife’s support made a huge difference, and I’m thankful for the lessons this journey has taught me.”

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Activities and Foreign Exposure

Nanadraj analyzed parents’ mindsets and desires regarding their child’s education. He discovered that most parents wanted their children to be fluent in English. “Knowing English well opens doors to better opportunities in the future. It also makes students confident in other subjects,” he observes.

Furthermore, he recognized that mothers are often the decision-makers when it comes to their children’s education.  They are more invested in their child’s schooling and strongly desire to see their child succeed. To make parents feel part of the school, the school leader initiated the celebration of the Navdurga festival, featuring activities such as Mehandi, Rangoli, and dance competitions, enabling parents to showcase their talents. Those who excelled received prizes, which made them feel appreciated and valued.

To help students do well in major exams like UPSC and NEET, Nanadraj founded the Olympiad Academy in 2015. This initiative allows students to attend extra classes after school to prepare for future exams. 

Recognizing that this could also be exhausting, the school management have also incorporated sports sessions just before the Olympiad classes. They proudly offer coaching in five different sports, ensuring holistic development for students.

The school, valuing both fun and service, hosts diverse festivals to honor cultural traditions. They invite special guests like soldiers and Army Officers to inspire students and nurture a strong sense of patriotism. 

Nanadraj is currently working to bring new ways of teaching at the school. He wants to give students hands-on exposure through vocational courses, field trips, and coding lessons.  “We want our students to be both smart and active,” Nanadraj explains.

In a bid to globalize their education approach,  the school leader also connects his students with schools in other countries using video calls. This exchange covers best practices, learning insights, career paths, and opportunities in higher education, empowering students with a broader perspective on global opportunities.

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Proud Moment

At The Global School, they really care about teaching good values. Their teachers even received the Nation Builders’ award from the Rotary Club. Additionally, the school has achieved an impressive ISO rank and won a 5-star grade in the Swachh School competition. Nanadraj is committed to creating the best learning environment, which earned his institution the Ideal School prize from the Avishkar Foundation. The school leader takes great pride in his students’ achievements, whether they pursue further studies or start careers, both in India and abroad. “Our students make us proud not just in India, but all over the world,” he exclaims.

Pandemic Challenges and Varthana’s Support

During the pandemic, the Global School introduced a unique two-diary system. Parents used these diaries to exchange homework, ensuring regular communication between them and the school. Nanadraj stresses, “This system helped us maintain a steady flow of payments and kept students from leaving. When we opened again, we provided extra math and reading classes to help students catch up.”

Highlighting the positive role Varthana played in the school’s growth, he explained that the loan made it possible for them to construct their own school building, a challenge many schools face. Nanadraj states, “Varthana’s loan had a significant impact on our school. It provided us the space and facilities needed to appeal to discerning parents.”


“Our goal is to keep growing and become a renowned name in the education sector. We aim to expand our current branches and even establish an international school. Ultimately, we wish to see our students succeed and attain leading positions in both government and non-government organizations,” Nanadraj shared, summarizing his vision.