Empowering Education Locally: Jaswinder Singh’s Vision for Crescent Public School, Dehradun

School Leader Builds Budget Local School in Dehradun to Keep Children Close to Home
Jaswinder Singh, Crescent Public School, Doiwala, Dehradun

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Jaswinder Singh, Crescent Public School, Doiwala, Dehradun
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Jaswinder Singh was born into a humble Sikh family in Doiwala, Dehradun. He grew up observing his father’s tireless dedication to farming and serving selflessly in Gurudwaras. This early exposure instilled in him a deep sense of service.

In 1980, Jaswinder completed his primary education in his village. However, financial constraints forced him to move to a relative’s home to pursue secondary education, which he did with unwavering commitment. Reflecting on his struggling college years, he mentions, “I took up a job at a beer plant to cover my personal and college expenses.”

After college, despite the challenges he faced, Jaswinder returned to his hometown. “There, I learned about a teaching position in a nearby school in Ranipokhari. While it was easy building strong bonds with my students, the school’s distance from my village weighed on my mind.”

Drawing inspiration from his own experiences, he resolved to ensure other children didn’t have to travel extensively for education. He passionately shares, “Given my personal experiences of studying far from home due to financial constraints, I felt compelled to prevent others from facing the same. Hence, I started a school in our village with affordable fees.”

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How the school started

Starting his own school was a daunting task. Even with limited resources, Jaswinder leveraged his father’s agricultural land to construct a building. Challenges like funding and staff recruitment loomed large. He proudly states,”Crescent Public School was established in Doiwala in 2003, made possible through my savings and support from friends.”

But his vision extended beyond just education. He also created job opportunities for the educated youth in his village. Recalling the initial days, he says, “The journey was marked by various challenges – from constructing the building to assembling resources and attracting students.” Despite uncertainties about student enrollment given the school’s rural setting, 48 students joined across different grades.

Reflecting on his journey, he comments, “Every challenge strengthened my determination. My aim was clear: to offer accessible education right here in our village.” His journey serves as an inspiring testament to what passion and a drive for change can achieve.

The Crescent Public School garnered recognition from the state government by the year 2005. These small triumphs fueled Jaswinder’s determination to achieve even more. As a testament to his commitment, the school’s current enrollment has increased to 418 students.

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School and the pandemic

Pandemic had stopped education in all the schools in India and many school leaders were not able to make any decision in this situation. Jaswinder Singh was one of them. He then decided to “waive the fees for every child in our school” in order to show empathy to the poor parents. Simultaneously, he gained the trust of his staff by ensuring they received their full salaries, and refraining from any layoffs during this challenging period.

Under his guidance, the teaching staff seamlessly transitioned to online platforms, conducting classes through virtual mediums and even community-based sessions. This innovative approach ensured that education persisted despite the lockdown’s constraints.

Varthana’s support

With Varthana’s support, Jaswinder managed to sustain his staff’s salaries throughout the lockdown, eliminating the need for job cuts. He believes that “true partnership is demonstrated in times of crisis,” underscoring the importance of Varthana’s involvement.

Future plans

Jaswinder wants to equip his school with information and communication technology, viewing it as an essential step towards bringing education into the digital age. He notes, “I also want to transform my school by introducing indoor sports facilities, optimizing space to foster physical activity and sportsmanship.”

He concludes with the conviction, “Equal access to quality education fuels societal progress,” epitomizing the principle of empowerment through affordable education.”


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