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Varthana is dedicated to providing better learning opportunities and infrastructure for students. Our school infrastructure loans offer many benefits, making quality education accessible to everyone.

Our hassle-free loans are specially designed for school leaders looking to construct new buildings or renovate existing ones. Additionally, Varthana’s school loans are flexible to meet all your needs, including improving infrastructure, investing in teacher training, or buying land to expand the institution. Our school loans can also be used for purchasing furniture, computers, lab equipment, CCTV, smart classes, vehicles and more.

We believe your school’s potential is limitless, and our school loans are designed to unlock that. Helping your school stand out and ensuring access to quality education for everyone is what we work for.

Why Varthana School Loan?

Varthana offers customized loan offerings to take your school to the next level.
Our school loans come with a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Customized loan
    offerings to finance your
    school’s growth

  • Funds for infrastructure
    improvements and

  • Exclusive benefits from our
    academic and management
    solution partners

  • Education solutions to
    improve fees collection and
    increase enrolment

Our Impact

As a trusted partner in empowering your school, we have accomplished much and continue to make progress. So far:

  • 11000

    Schools served

  • 5.5

    Million+ students impacted

  • 15

    States and 40 cities covered

School loan to help your students get quality education

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Purpose of Varthana School Loan

Varthana offers school loan finance to empower your school and unlock its full potential. You can use it to:

  • Purchase land for constructing a school building

  • Purchase land for a playground or sports facilities

  • Construct a new school building

  • Purchase ready-to-occupy school premises

  • Renovate an old school building

  • Buy furniture, library books, computers, and sports/lab equipment

  • Secure working capital for daily operations

School Loan Calculator

School Loan EMI Calculator

Loan Amount

Loan Tenure


% Interest







Total Payable


What is a School Loan EMI Calculator?

Varthana School Loan EMI Calculator makes your life easier. The online tool helps you, as a prospective education institution loan applicant, calculate the total amount (principal portion and the interest) that you pay every month until your loan is fully repaid.

This School Loan EMI Calculator is designed to help you understand how much EMI you will have to pay on your loan. This will allow you to effectively manage your finances while running your school and ensure that you repay your loan on time, every month, without a worry. Just enter the interest rate as well as the loan amount and repayment tenure required in the relevant fields to calculate.

How to Use the School Loan EMI Calculator?

Running your school smoothly is not easy. The School Loan EMI Calculator is an essential tool for those applying for or planning to apply for an education institution loan. It helps you determine how much you will have to pay on a monthly basis towards the EMI of the loan. By knowing this, you can choose preferred interest rates and plan your monthly budget accordingly. It helps you to plan your finances better and make informed decisions while opting for school loans or infrastructure loans. The school loan EMI calculator is simple to use, completely free, and saves time as you can calculate the EMI within seconds.

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How does the School loan process work?

  • 1. Enquiry

    Fill and submit a convenient enquiry form in just 2 minutes

  • 2. Connect with customer support

    Our customer support team will contact you within 24 hours to assess your requirements, answer any queries and help initiate your loan application

  • 3. Document Collection

    Your dedicated Relationship Manager will guide you through the application form and help you complete all relevant paperwork

  • 4. Collateral evaluation for secured loans

    Our technical team will visit your school premises to assess your offered collateral

  • 5. Loan Approval

    After a thorough review, our team will share the loan details and coordinate disbursement into your school's bank account

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Customer stories

  • Madhukumar S12

    Vijaya Jyothi School has developed its infrastructure and seen a considerable increase in enrolment over its 7-year partnership with Varthana.

  • Nasreen Taj M

    Nasreen attributes the growth of her institution to Varthana. She strives to provide quality education to economically weak families, creating an impact in society.

  • Ravishankar T P

    Green Country Public School plays an essential role in solving access problems of students to the school system and enhancing their performance.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I get a school loan?

    Over the past decade, we have seen a drastic change in the ownership of schools, with private institutions multiplying rapidly. Varthana is focused on lending to those unaided private schools and colleges that have the potential to grow and make education accessible to children from various income groups

    Varthana caters to the Affordable Private Schools and Colleges in India. To know if your school is eligible and to apply for a loan, fill out the form here or reach us at 080-68455777

  • Can I get a loan to start preschool?

    Minimum 3 years of existence of the school is required to avail any school loans. If eligible, you can apply for a loan by filling out the form here or by reaching us at 080-68455777

  • How much loan is given to construct a school?

    Varthana supports schools aspiring to be successful by building best in class infrastructure and facilities. A wide range of secured and unsecured loans from Varthana will help you create new buildings and rooms that will improve the learning environment. We also lend money for renovations to the new laboratory, library and classrooms so that you can bring education to children within your community while trying to simultaneously build a business.

    To know more about school construction loan and school infrastructure loan, fill out the form here or reach us at 080-68455777

  • What is the rate of interest for school loan?

    The rate of interest at Varthana is calculated using an array of factors such as loan amount requested, type of school loan, collateral type offered, loan tenure chosen, the future cash inflow of the school, loan repayment history, and so on.

    We prioritize transparency and ensure that our interest rates are competitive and tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions. By carefully assessing factors such as the loan amount, tenure, and financial profile, we determine a fair interest rate that aligns with your requirements.

    It is absolutely essential to review Varthana’s loan terms and understand the interest calculation method to accurately estimate the monthly installments and determine the total cost of the loan over its duration. This information can be obtained from the loan agreement or by discussing with the RMs.

  • What is the procedure of school loan repayment?

    There may be certain charges that you have to pay if you miss school loan repayments.

    Firstly, missing an EMI or paying it late can negatively impact your credit score, which can make it difficult for you to obtain loans or credit in the future. It's important to make timely payments to maintain a good credit score.

    In addition, you will have to pay a penalty for not paying the EMI before the due date. The amount of the fee will depend on the terms and conditions of your loan agreement, as well as the amount of the EMI and the duration of the delay.

    To avoid missing an EMI or paying it late, you can also set up automatic payments or reminders to help you stay on track. To learn more about the process, reach your dedicated RM or call us at 080-68455777