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School Loans

Varthana offers loans that meet private schools’ wide range of requirements. Whether for construction and renovation of school buildings, improving infrastructure, investing in teacher-training or buying land, Varthana’s school loans are flexible to meet private school needs. Our school loans can also be used for purchasing furniture, computers, lab equipment, CCTV, smart classes, vehicles and more.



  • Unsecured School Loan up to 5 lakhs
  • Secured School Loan up to 2 crore
  • Tenure up to 6 years with structured easy monthly installments
  • Convenient and doorstep service
  • Fast processing and simple documentation


  • Enrolment of children 300 and over
  • Institution should be 3 years old and over
  • Sufficient cash flows to pay EMI on time.
insurance for schools

Insurance for Schools

Schools are often exposed to risks that are beyond their control. Varthana offers a variety of insurance products that help protect your school from risks that could have a significant financial impact if not covered. Our offerings include the following:

  • Loan Protection: In the tragic eventuality that the school leader suffers a disability or dies, this product protects the school from having to pay the unpaid loan. Having this coverage ensures that the school legacy will continue even beyond the life of the school leader.
  • Motor Insurance: We all try and avoid accidents, but they can be financially devastating when they occur. A comprehensive motor insurance policy protects you from this risk by covering damages to third party and third-party property as well as your own losses.
  • Life Insurance: When an individual who is a key provider suffers a tragedy, those who depend on this individual suffer both the tragedy of losing someone they loved and the hardship of making ends meet without them. Life insurance policies provide for a lump sum payment to the beneficiaries to help address this unfortunate situation.

Academic Solutions

Loans For Private Schools

Unlock Schools


Varthana as part of its CSR effort is proud to announce its new initiative Unlock Schools Program. The program provides students of grade 1-8 access to printed worksheets and supplementary videos for Maths and English. 


  1. Weekly tests and worksheets
  2. Parent engagement
  3. Bridge content
  4. Multilingual instructions

How does this program work?

Parents collect printed workbooks from the school
Students refer to the schedule in the workbook and complete daily coursework and weekly tests
Parents return completed worksheets to school and pick-up new worksheets
Teachers correct completed worksheets and  share details on student progress with parents 

Maths and Science labs

Maths and Science Labs


In our regular schooling, when we use the word ‘Lab’, the first thing that comes to mind is a separate large room with lots of apparatus, instruments, materials, chemicals, etc. Providing such a facility will be a huge investment for the school and on the other side, how many students will spend time in a traditional lab to understand the concept which is taught in the classroom.

Varthana shall introduce the product which is unique, high quality, portable Maths and Science Lab designed and developed to use within the classroom while teaching the respective subjects.


  • The labs can be taken to the classroom to teach practical methodology of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • The students can perform the experiments comfortably within the class tension-free as the apparatus and chemical are not harmful.
  • The labs come with the affordable price which can be availed by all the schools.


  • Teachers shall find it very easy and convenient in explaining the concepts of Maths and Science to students by using the portable lab.
  • Students will focus more, and enjoy the activity-based learning; and this will provide an opportunity to explore a wide range of experiments which will impact the development of the student’s brain.
  • School will perform well and get good results by adopting new ways of teaching and learning the major subjects – Maths & Science.
English learning Program

English Learning Program


The English language plays an important role in our life. English is the most used language that helps us to communicate and to be understood by many people around the world. It is essential in our education which is used as a medium to teach all the subjects. The students who can read, write and speak comfortably shall do better in all the subjects like science, mathematics etc.

Overall performance of the school depends on the students to score high in all the subjects during the examinations which shall happen only when you have a strong presence of English language in the school.

Varthana will be happy to assist and introduce the schools to the English learning program which will help the school to adopt and implement the English language starting from the kinder class. The student shall learn english as comfortably as any child who is trying to learn and speak his/her own mother tongue.


  • Action module: It is a kinesthetics module where body movements and expressions are used to acquire language patterns.
  • Music module: It is a module that integrates music-memory with language learning, using scientifically scripted songs set in an Indian milieu.
  • Reading module: It is a multi-sensory reading module that introduces the basic phonetic sounds of the English language and builds sight-word recognition.
  • Story module: It is an immersive module which creates a gripping story listening experience with exciting visuals, rich narratives and an evocative soundtrack.


  • Training and Implementation Support:

Workshop on pedagogy, training and review visits, feedback reports after each visit, telephonic review and technical support for the teachers implementing the programme, and sample Student Kits.

  • Teacher Empowerment:

The programme offers round the year teacher development through integrated video-based demonstration modules, and expert theatre artists guide teachers through every activity, at the same time providing students with excellent models.

  • Management Dashboard:

It offers teacher demo videos for session-preparation and learning analytics for school Management.

Smart digital classroom

Digital Smart Classroom


In today’s world, schools are rapidly moving towards adopting technology aided solutions like smart classes where teaching and learning becomes more interesting and effective for the students and teachers.

Varthana shall be happy to assist and introduce the schools a premium quality product that can convert every class room into a smart class which will enable the teacher to the new teaching experience and in the same time, the students will concentrate and understand the content to a maximum extent in achieving the great results.

It is an integrated solution that combines the power of a computer with a high-resolution large format projection screen implemented in 45000+ classrooms impacting more than 15 million students by our Partner.

Why to choose the Smart class:

  • Accelerates learning through differentiated instruction and a broader set of learning resources
  • Encourages students to become creators of their own learning by incorporating 21st Century skills such as creativity and critical thinking.
  • Improves integration of technology into teaching – learning spectrum.
  • They convey the same meaning as words but it gives clear concepts thus help to bring effectiveness in learning and improves the capability of the students hence, the school will perform well and give desired results
  • Smart class can be set up by the schools at an affordable price.


  • It empowers teachers, facilitates overall development of students and focuses on innovative IT enabled education solutions which transforms the         teaching -learning process among the students.
  • An ingenious combination of interactivity, curriculum mapped rich content, multimedia modules & other value-added services will be available from Class k-12.
  • The use of audio-visual aids makes the students to remember the concept for a longer period of time.

Digital classroom will enable access to a wide library of the global educational resources in the classrooms via internet connectivity.

Management Solutions


Smart Fee Program


Smart Fee Program is the new and smart way of collecting fees. The program enables schools to receive fees upfront while allowing parents to make easy, affordable monthly payments. The program is designed to cut dropouts and improve enrollments even as it allows school owners to focus on education rather than fee collection.


  1. Upfront cash – School receives 50% of the annual fees at the start of the year.
  2. Predictable cash flow – Remaining fees are received on fixed dates, giving schools confidence in their future cash flows.
  3. Parent friendly – Parents make easy monthly payments throughout the school year
  4. assle free – Varthana collects monthly payments from parents, allowing the school to focus on delivering quality education.