The Power of Trust: School Leader Shares Secrets to Guaranteed Success

The Power of Trust: School Leader Shares Secrets to Guaranteed Success

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Vidyadeep Higher Primary School, Mamdapur, Bijapur

Sadashiv Hanumanth Hangargi, Vidyadeep Higher Primary School, Mamdapur, Bijapur

“Trust is earned when actions meet words.” This fundamental principle is not just a saying but a living reality at Vidyadeep Higher Primary School in Mamdapur, Bijapur. With immense pride, school leader Sadashiv Hanumanth Hangargi emphasizes that his school has consistently upheld the trust that parents place in them. And rightly so!

“The reason behind this trust is quite simple,” says Sadashiv with a smile, “Parents entrust their children to our school because they believe the little ones and their future are in safe hands.”

When asked about the strategies implemented to build and maintain this trust, Sadashiv happily reveals that it stems from the school’s commitment to providing a high standard of education, fostering opportunities for a promising future for every student, and ensuring a secure and convenient school infrastructure. These factors have worked like a magical wand, gradually increasing student enrollment. “Thanks to the remarkable results we have achieved, our student strength has increased from 50 to 250 within just two years since 2011. Today, we are privileged to have more than 500 happy students and about 50 dedicated teachers,” he proudly declares.

At Vidyadeep Higher Primary School, actions speak louder than words. The school leader is dedicated to providing quality education in rural Bijapur, while also fostering a nurturing environment that parents trust and depend on.

Sadashiv Hanumanth Hangargi, Vidyadeep Higher Primary School, Mamdapur, Bijapur

School Vision

Providing an affordable and high quality education that is equivalent to city schools is the vision of this school leader. This vision is fueled by the dreams of parents in his village. “Parents aspired to give their children an English medium education, and because this dream resonated deeply with my own vision, I decided to establish an English medium school,” he shares in a profound voice.

The idea behind starting this school

In 2009, after completing his M.A. and M.Ed, Sadashiv, like many others, started looking for a job in schools and colleges. However, he was disheartened and disillusioned when he couldn’t find a suitable position. “I had a dream of becoming a great teacher and living a fulfilling life, so I started my career as a teacher by establishing my own tutorial and coaching school for students,” he recounts.

Through his venture, Navodaya coaching, he gradually realized the need for a good English medium school in his village. Feedback from students’ parents reinforced this observation. Motivated by this realization, he delved into research on how to start a school. By 2011, he obtained the government’s permission to establish an English medium school. “I was a one-man army,” he proudly states. “Although I had relatives, siblings, and a family, I single-handedly dedicated myself to building this school.”

The school leader acknowledges that his primary sources of hope and support were the incredible opportunity to create a school, along with the unending moral and emotional backing from aspiring parents and the community. Today, Sadashiv is the proud owner and President of Vidyadeep Higher Primary School, which has become one of the most sought after institutions in the Mamdapur region.

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Achievements and accolades

Overcoming numerous challenges to establishing the school itself is a significant achievement. “It is a privilege for our students to receive counseling and be selected to join prestigious residential schools nearby,” Sadashiv says, adding that in a span of 9 to 10 years, around 200 of his students have secured these opportunities for a better education. Furthermore, their remarkable presentations and assessments conducted by the organization earned them the esteemed Delhi Award at the national level.

Sadashiv’s elation is evident as he shares the accomplishments of his students in district and taluk-level sports and cultural programs. Their exemplary performances have not only garnered admiration but also resulted in numerous prize wins.

Covid times and learning loss

When asked about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the school, Sadashiv responds with a sense of empathy, “We never anticipated such a situation when we started this school. We have witnessed a great deal of pain,” he shares. “Like every educational institution, we were caught off guard by the unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic,” Sadashiv speaks candidly about the administrative and academic difficulties they faced during this time

“One of the major challenges was the inability to collect fees, as the school is situated in a rural area where parents are predominantly daily wage workers with minimal or no income during those days. Additionally, the students were unable to attend school for a whole year and a half, resulting in a significant setback to their learning. Online teaching proved to be unsuccessful due to the limited access to smartphones and internet facilities for most families.”

“There was some relief later on,” he sighs, as higher school students were allowed to attend school for a limited time, albeit with strict Covid-19 restrictions in place. “Despite efforts to cover missed concepts and bridge the learning gap through revisions and extra classes, the primary students were particularly affected by the learning loss as they had to stay at home until the pandemic ended,” Sadashiv clarifies.

Schooling is a social cause and not business

“Do you believe that every task or action a person undertakes is driven by a social cause? Sadashiv asks. He believes that schooling is more than just a business—it is a social cause. This perspective holds great significance, as the school leader shares that even though their school fees are only 5% of what big city schools in Bangalore charge, they are able to provide all the necessary facilities such as transportation, uniforms, books, and more solely from the collected fees. “It’s not an easy feat, but it is the goodwill and dedication behind this endeavour that makes it possible,” he humbly expresses.

Running and managing a school’s expenses with just the collected fees is challenging, but the school has been able to supplement its funds through financial banks and personal loans. Additionally, the school does not receive any facilities or grants from the government. “Although there are significant risks involved, the potential rewards make it a risk worth taking,” Sadashiv admits, courageously.

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Varthana and its Impact on the School’s Growth

Varthana played an instrumental role in the growth and progress of the school. The school leader was introduced to Varthana in 2014-15 and he recalls how the team promptly sanctioned the requested loan. “This financial support enabled the implementation of school improvement plans, including the construction of the school’s first floor and other essential amenities. Subsequently, we took another loan to further enhance the school infrastructure, including the construction of a robust RCC building,” Sadashiv shares with immense gratitude.

Despite the challenges and difficulties faced along the way, Sadashiv claims that they have never failed to pay the EMIs on time. He also expressed his appreciation for Varthana’s Unlock workbooks, which were well-received by the school community. Although the plans to acquire them were temporarily put on hold due to the onset of the pandemic, Sadashiv remains extremely satisfied with Varthana’s services and confidently declares, “I am ready to utilize any services provided by Varthana, along with their financial assistance, in the near future.”

“In difficult times, Varthana has supported us, and I am sincerely grateful to the team. We will continue to maintain a strong relationship with Varthana, as we recognize the importance of your ongoing support.”

Future plans

Looking ahead, the school leader envisions implementing smart classes, computer education, projector-based teaching, technological advancements, and online teaching facilities. These initiatives reflect the school’s commitment to providing a cutting-edge educational experience for its students. 

Sadashiv reflects on the school’s remarkable achievements and fulfilled dreams, stating, “Having earned a good reputation in society and witnessing the fulfillment of my aspirations, I truly feel that I have achieved success.”


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