This Doctorate Holder, Who Couldn’t Afford an English Medium School as a Child, Is Now Serving Struggling Families in Nashik

This Doctorate Holder, Who Couldn’t Afford an English Medium School as a Child, Is Now Serving Struggling Families in Nashik

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This Doctorate Holder, Who Couldn't Afford an English Medium School

Ramkisan Dhokane, Global English Medium School, Nashik

Ramkisan Dhokane, the son of a hardworking farmer, has always held onto big dreams for his children. “Against all odds, I kept pushing forward, fueled by the dream my father had for us,” shares Ramkisan. Today, he proudly stands as the owner of a thriving school in Rahuri, Nashik, proving that with hard work and perseverance, even the humblest beginnings can lead to something remarkable.  


Reflecting on his early years in a Marathi medium school, Ramkisan thought about how he always dreamt of an English medium education. “Unfortunately, my family couldn’t afford to send me to one,” he shares. Despite the challenges, he earned a Doctorate in education from an English medium college.

Sharing their collective vision, Ramkisan says, “My wife and I shared a vision of giving back to society, especially to economically challenged families dreaming of sending their kids to an English medium school but struggling with fees.” This shared vision led them to establish a school in the Taluka area, aiming to provide students from humble backgrounds with the opportunity to receive a quality education.

This Doctorate Holder, Who Couldn't Afford an English Medium School as a Child

How the School Started 

Ramkisan’s journey with the school started with just a few students, and today, it has thrived into a full-fledged institution with hundreds enrolled. A proud Ramkisan shares, “Our school has made a significant impact on the community, offering quality education at affordable fees.”

In the pursuit of a good education, several factors come into play. Ramkisan adds, “For parents seeking both quality education and strong cultural values for their children, more options may seem necessary. Yes, our school stands out in excelling at both. He goes on to say, “Our school is exceptional in providing not only quality education but also rich cultural values.” 

“This commitment reflects our belief that education should not only enrich the mind but also nurture the soul, creating well-rounded individuals ready to conquer the world,” he claims with confidence.

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School’s Growth

Ramkisan’s school blends strong academics with a celebration of cultural teachings. He emphasizes, “It’s not just about math and science; we take pride in celebrating our Maharashtrian heritage too.” He further mentions how his students actively participate in cultural events such as Ashadhi Ekadashi and Shivaji Jayanti and show interest in traditions like learning to play the double-headed drum (Dhol Pathak). 

“More than 80 students are part of our cultural group now,” Ramkisan proudly shares. He explains how parents enthusiastically engage in dandiya events and express their joy in seeing their kids getting good at both cultural events and receiving a quality education. He says, “It’s our holistic approach that makes Global English Medium School truly unique.” This means the school leader is not just making students smarter but also helping them stay connected to their culture. It’s an education that’s more than just textbooks; it’s about making well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Global English Medium School, Nashik

Proud Moments

The school leader shares, “It’s a proud moment seeing my students excel in district and state sports, as well as exhibitions.” He also takes great pride in highlighting that his school is the first in town to have its app available on the Google Play Store.

By introducing new elements such as archery and music classes, Ramkisan aimed to bring fresh experiences to the town. “I observed different cultures and technologies used in schools. Implementing these ideas in my school ensures that students receive a quality education and facilities similar to those in big cities,” he says, reflecting on his recent travels to Nashik, Mumbai, and Pune for lectureships.

Expressing his sentiments, he states, “It’s heartening when students excel both intellectually and socially, reinforcing our commitment to providing an education that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms.”

Teachers’ Role during the Pandemic

Talking about the pandemic, Ramkisan states, “It was a tough phase for most of us, significantly impacting the learning process.” Underscoring the vital role played by teachers during this time, the school leader notes, “Their constant support and trust in the school management were really important.” Despite facing economic hurdles, teachers kept going, ensuring continuity by uploading lessons on the app and staying connected with the majority of students.

Ramkisan further shares, “Both junior and senior students actively engaged in their studies, preserving enrollments for the upcoming academic year.” To address the learning loss, his school went the extra mile during summer vacation, extending a helping hand by waiving 50% of fees for parents experiencing financial difficulties. He emphasizes, “This initiative made a strong connection between the school and parents, showing how committed we are to facing challenges together.”

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Relationship with Varthana

The school leader shares how Varthana’s ongoing support has proven instrumental for the continuous development of the school. He reflects, “There was a time when we lacked benches; students studied on the floor. The organization helped us get furniture, and our school went digitized.”

“Benches increase enrollment,” he cheers for Varthana’s valuable funds, adding, “Our connection goes back to 2014-15, and now we’re taking the loan for the third time.”


Ramkisan is delighted about the grant for 11th and 12th grades (Arts, Commerce, and Science), and shares that they will be launching the Junior College in the next academic year. “Fortunately, this year’s 10th-grade batch will be graduating with a higher pass percentage,” he claims.

Looking ahead to future plans, he confidently states, “We aspire to reintroduce Archery, Music, and more extracurricular activities that were put on hold due to Covid.”

Conveying his message, Ramkisan concludes, “Success comes when our work’s purpose is morally strong, not just seen as a business.” This ethos guides the school’s journey.


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