This School Leader Challenges The Norm That Only City Kids Have Access To Quality Education

This School Leader Challenges The Norm That Only City Kids Have Access To Quality Education

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This School Leader Challenges The Norm That Only City Kids Have Access

Rajendra Atkar, Ved Vidyalayam, Nagpur

Nestled in the village of Kuhi, Ved Vidyalayam stands as an outstanding educational hub. The visionary behind this initiative is Rajendra Atkar, a commerce graduate who initially ran computer institutes. His journey evolved when he worked as a coordinator for various universities, sparking a deep interest in establishing his school.

“The sole motive for starting the school was to bring quality education to rural children,” Rajendra passionately emphasizes. He vividly observed the stark contrast in Kuhi: while quality education was readily available in urban settings, it remained a scarce resource in villages. This realization fueled his mission to bridge the education gap between urban and rural communities, resulting in the establishment of a school dedicated to excellence.

Reflecting on the school’s unique approach, the school leader remarks, “We aim to blend modern learning with our rich cultural heritage, providing a holistic learning experience.” It is this unique fusion that makes Ved Vidyalayam so popular, capturing the attention and admiration of both parents and students alike.

How the School Started

Ved Vidyalayam emerged from his desire to challenge the belief held by rural parents that the best education was exclusive to cities. 

Elaborating on this, he says, “I aimed to redefine the narrative and bring quality education to our village.” Rajendra’s commitment led to the establishment of the school in 2012, driven by the conviction that education should be accessible and impactful for every child in the community.

Rajendra affirms, “Ved Vidyalayam provides quality education to students of all backgrounds and I remain committed to uplifting village students.” Expanding on this commitment, he shares, “Our curriculum focuses on social development, offering classes in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.” Going beyond academics, Ved Vidyalayam imparts morals and values to its students. According to Rajendra, “This holistic approach has transformed villagers’ lives, instilling hope for a brighter future.”

This School Leader Challenges The Norm That Only City Kids

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A Bag-Less Approach to Learning

A unique aspect of Ved Vidyalayam is its bag-less approach, emphasizing active learning over heavy school bags. Rajendra claims, “Removing burdensome bags allows for a focus on active learning, the ideal method of instruction.” Students also engage in role-playing, storytelling, projects, games, and athletics, practically applying textbook concepts in class. The school prioritizes academic excellence and offers a holistic education with extracurricular activities and sports. Rajendra passionately declares, “At Ved Vidyalayam, our belief is in shaping well-rounded individuals, seamlessly blending academics with hands-on experiences for a comprehensive education.”

This School Leader Challenges The Norm

National Level Achievements

“Our students have brought honor to the school by securing a national gold medal in taekwondo,” Rajendra says, gleefully. This accomplishment demonstrates the school’s basic values. He goes on to say, “We are dedicated to providing quality education and instilling positive values in our students.” This steadfast dedication is demonstrated by the achievement in taekwondo. 

Additionally, students actively participate in music and dance activities, gaining praise in a recent taluka science display. “We nurture talents and celebrate diverse achievements, fostering a well-rounded education,” says Rajendra, beaming with delight. He then continues, “Ved Vidyalayam is more than a school; it is a place where accomplishments are honored, skills are cultivated, and values are instilled for a brighter future.”

Schools in the Pandemic Era

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ved Vidyalayam embraced technology by developing its app, providing subject-wise recorded lectures for uninterrupted learning. Rajendra emphasizes, “Our app was a lifeline during disruptions, although resource constraints hindered a permanent solution.” 

Post-school reopening, teachers diligently worked to bridge gaps between previous and current grades. Rajendra expresses gratitude, saying, “Our experienced and dedicated teachers play a pivotal role in ensuring the academic continuity of our students.” 

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Relationship with Varthana 

Expressing deep appreciation, Rajendra notes, “I am grateful for Varthana’s support, as the funds we received were judiciously utilized for enhancing our school infrastructure and construction.” He extends gratitude to Varthana not only for financial assistance but also for academic support during the pandemic, providing invaluable worksheets to address learning gaps. Rajendra further adds, “The worksheets, a generous contribution from Varthana, mitigated 30 percent of the learning loss, establishing a meaningful partnership. I aspire to continue nurturing and strengthening this bond with Varthana in the years to come.” 


As a visionary leader, Rajendra is wholeheartedly committed to fostering academic excellence among his students. He underscores the importance of encouraging self-study and regularly conducts counseling sessions, benefiting both students and parents alike. Rajendra passionately concludes by saying, “My dedication extends to securing approval for the introduction of 11th and 12th classes, further expanding the educational horizons at Ved Vidyalayam.”


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