This School Leader From Kota Opens A School Addressing The Community’s Competitive Exam Needs

This School Leader From Kota Opens A School Addressing The Community’s Competitive Exam Needs

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This School Leader From Kota Opens A School

Shiv Shankar Sharma, Ideal Senior Secondary School, Kota, Rajasthan

From Factory Work To Pursuing His True Passion

Life can take unexpected turns, leading us down the paths we never imagined we would. Shiv Shankar Sharma is a perfect example of this. Despite starting his career in a factory, his heart was always in poetry and writing. He shares, “My longing for creativity and fulfillment led me to leave my stable job and pursue my true calling.” After earning degrees in B.Ed. and B.Sc., he briefly taught in a private school but felt unsatisfied. He adds, “I even aimed for higher goals by preparing for administrative services, aspiring to go beyond my father’s role as an account officer.” But then he realized something crucial: his village lacked coaching for competitive exams, leaving ambitious minds without guidance.

Driven by a desire to change his community and surpass his father’s success, he took a bold step to start a school. He reflects, “I wanted to make a difference where it mattered most, in the lives of those in my village.”

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Resilience In Sticking To The Vision

In 1993, full of hope and determination, Shiv Kumar founded Ideal Senior Secondary School in Bundi, Kota. He recalls, “My goal was crystal clear — to offer top-notch education empowering rural students to shine in competitive exams and reach high positions in our country.” Starting school wasn’t easy. He admits, “Being unemployed then, managing the school and overcoming initial losses felt like a huge challenge.”

But Shiv  Kumar didn’t give up. He taught classes himself, decorated the walls with colorful posters, and used various methods to attract students. He reflects, “Step by step, the school began to stand firm. In the first year, we had 70 students, and as our reputation grew, so did our admissions.”

This School Leader From Kota Opens A School

Cultivating Excellence: A Legacy Of Transformation

Shiv Kumar wasn’t just shaping his students’ lives but also transforming society around him. He affirms, “Realizing how powerful education can be, I adjusted my teaching methods to meet changing needs.” In 2004, driven by his dedication to education, he opened Indian Convent School. He adds, “Now, both schools have over 2000 students combined.” His vision expanded further, and in 2022, Ideal College was established. These institutions stand as proof of his unwavering commitment to nurturing growth and opportunity.

Mentoring For Success

One of Shiv Kumar’s significant achievements highlights his dedication to mentoring. He happily recalls, “I guided a student who, despite scoring only 44 percent on board tests, had a strong desire to pursue competitive exams.” Shiv Kumar saw the potential in this student and inspired him to chase his dream of becoming an IAS officer. This story exemplifies Shiv’s role not just as an educator but as a true motivator. He further expresses, “I’m delighted that the first student from our village to attend AIIMS Institute came from our school.”

Shiv Kumar conveys a powerful message to students, saying, “Tufaan ke darr se jo apni navo ko samundar me dalne se darta hai use kinare bhi surakshit nahi rakh sakte”(The one who is afraid of putting his boats into the sea for fear of a storm, cannot be protected even by the shore). He wants students to understand that they shouldn’t fear failure in exams but should strive hard to achieve greatness in life.

Varthana’s Helping Influence

Behind every success story, there’s a support network. Shiv Shankar found a crucial ally in Varthana, which greatly aided his school’s journey to success. He recalls, “When we needed funds for construction, Varthana stepped in and ensured that financial constraints didn’t hinder the school’s growth. I can’t thank Varthana enough.” His gratitude towards Varthana is immense, and he hopes for their continued support in the growth of other educational institutions.

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A Vision For Tomorrow: Educating For Excellence

The school has playgrounds for different sports and uses the latest technologies for teaching. Shiv Kumar is committed to preparing students for the competitive world. He emphasizes, “I urge my students to not only  excel academically but also take part in competitive exams.” Ideal Senior Secondary School aims to foster determination, resilience, and a thirst for knowledge.

Shiv Kumar’s journey shows how passion and resilience can impact a community. He states, “My story proves the power of determination and its influence on others.” From humble beginnings to thriving educational institutions, he inspires those who dare to dream and persevere. His legacy is one of empowerment and dedication to shaping lives for a brighter future.


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