This School Leader Is A Living Proof Of Triumph Over Personal and Financial Loss

This School Leader Is A Living Proof Of Triumph Over Personal and Financial Loss

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This School Leader Is A Living Proof Of Triumph Over Personal and Financial Loss

Ravinder Kaur, Guru Govind Singh Public School, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


Ravinder Kaur, hailing from the small village of Imaliya in the Rewa district of MP, faced numerous challenges on her path to success. A dedicated student from the start of her school years, Ravinder’s life took an unexpected turn when her father lost his job, plunging her family into financial difficulties. Reflecting on this challenging period, the resilient daughter shares, “After my father’s passing, I had to navigate not only the financial strain but also the emotional toll. We coped not only with the loss but also found ourselves in a new state, adapting to a different life.”

Returning to her native place in Madhya Pradesh, Ravinder shouldered the responsibility of supporting her family by providing tuition to children. As her teaching experience grew, so did her ambition to open her own school. Recalling this transformative journey, she expresses, “To support my family, I began tutoring children of the same grade. Over time, my teaching experience inspired the idea of establishing my own school.”


Upon completing her school education, Ravinder pursued higher studies at GDC College Rewa. Throughout her college years, she remained dedicated to her passion for teaching, actively participating in a coaching institute. Reflecting on this phase, she states, “While pursuing my degree, I engaged in teaching at a coaching institute to keep my passion alive.”

Unexpectedly, destiny took a different turn when she married immediately after graduating. Although she temporarily halted her coaching activities due to marital responsibilities, she continued to cherish her married life. Tragically, her husband passed away a few years after their marriage. Confronting this profound loss, Ravinder’s resilience shines through. In her words, “It is said that you may find yourself in the middle of a storm. You must never have the word ‘surrender’ in your dictionary.’ I didn’t succumb to the circumstances and fought with courage.”

Educated and driven to improve her family’s economic condition, she ventured into the medical sector to start earning. Sharing her journey, she expresses, “After office hours, I dedicated time to providing tuition to children in my locality.” With over two decades of experience in school teaching, she reflects on this period, stating, “As my life regained stability, my childhood dream persisted, and I continued to move forward.”

Ravinder Kaur, Guru Govind Singh Public School, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

How the Journey of the School Started

Armed with substantial teaching experience and academic expertise, Ravinder faced a hurdle unfamiliar to her—the intricacies of the documentation process required to establish a school. Recalling this challenge, she candidly shares, “While I was experienced in everything related to academia, the documentation and its complexities were uncharted territory for me.” Undaunted by the unfamiliar terrain, she sought guidance from a lawyer and successfully registered her school under the Society Act. Securing a building for a monthly lease of five thousand rupees, she proudly laid the foundation for Guru Govind School in 2014. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, she emotionally expresses, “In the very first year, the school’s enrollment surpassed fifty students, a triumph that fueled my confidence.”

With the school’s growth propelled by her unwavering dedication, Ravinder eventually made the decision to relocate it to her own premises. In her own heartfelt words, “Once the school was thriving, I finally chose to bring it closer to my heart, to my own place.”

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Varthana’s Support

Facing significant financial loss during the transition to a new premise, Ravinder found an unexpected source of support when Varthana representatives paid a visit to her school. She tells us, “Just as I was planning to establish the school on my premises, Varthana representatives coincidentally visited my school and recognized my need for financial assistance. Within a few days of initiating the documentation process, I swiftly received the funds, breathing life into my dream.”

Expressing her deep gratitude, she emphasizes, “Varthana is more than just a financial supporter; they are like family to me. Not only did they provide financial aid, but they also served as academic consultants. It’s thanks to them that I was able to transition the school from a rented building to my own premises.”

This School Leader Is A Living Proof Of Triumph Over Personal and Financial Loss

Special Features Installed

Driven by a profound understanding of the hardships faced by lower-middle-class and economically disadvantaged families, Ravinder has implemented a range of initiatives in her school. “Seeing how these families struggle, I started programs to make education easier to get,” she explains. For children without fathers, they take only half of the total fee, and the school extends the privilege of free education to extremely impoverished children, particularly girls. Furthermore, there’s a fee reduction for academically high-performing girls, and we provide free education to children with three siblings enrolled in the school.

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School and the Pandemic

Amid the pandemic challenges, Ravinder adeptly navigated the difficulties at her school. Confronting the situation head-on, she convened a meeting with her staff and successfully persuaded them to accept reduced salaries. Drawing on her background in the medical field, she maintained open communication with parents and students, keeping them informed about the evolving circumstances. To adapt to the new normal, she ingeniously assigned teachers to conduct classes within the community, near their homes.

Understanding the financial strain on parents, Ravinder displayed empathy by refraining from pressuring them to pay fees. Instead, she secured a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and organized home tuition as well as community classes for the children. As a testament to her efforts, parents gradually resumed fee payments when the school reopened. To address the learning gap, Ravinder introduced unlock worksheets and books. “In moments of adversity, it becomes imperative to discover inventive solutions that contribute positively to all parties involved,” expresses Ravinder.

Expanding on her approach, she adds, “Understanding the needs of both teachers and parents is instrumental in creating a supportive learning environment, even during challenging times.”

Future Vision

Schools are adjusting to the evolving landscape by incorporating smart classes, a move designed to better handle future challenges such as pandemics. Ravinder, in line with this approach, envisions improving the school’s infrastructure by adding more classrooms. “Embracing technology in education is a proactive step toward establishing a resilient learning environment,” assures the school leader. She concludes by saying, “Investing in infrastructure ensures a conducive space for the holistic development and growth of our students.”


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